Daniel Krieger

At this Sunday's Academy Awards, four out of five nominees will walk away empty-handed. Though they may attempt to smile through the disappointment during the ceremony, we're pretty sure there will be ample commiserating after the cameras have stopped rolling. At the Weinstein Company’s After Party, guests will drown their sorrows and toast their wins with Les Visionnaires, a cocktail created by Grey Goose Global Ambassador Joe McCanta.

"I created this cocktail as a nod to Hollywood visionaries past and present who have continued to push boundaries and touch our hearts with their work," he said. "I imagine these creatives walking atop the Hollywood Hills to celebrate their achievements while also reflecting on the incredible difficult path it took them to get to the top of their field." In fact, the cocktail was inspired by the ingredients that grow in the Hills, including pear, citrus, fresh cut grass, and cedron.

Here, you can drink like the stars from the comfort of your own home with the recipe below. Designer gown and movie star date optional.

Les Visionnaires Academy Awards Cocktail

How to Make It

1. Shake and strain over fresh ice cubes into a Collins glass and spritz the cut grass essence in top.
2. Garnish with a stirrer and wheatgrass.

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