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With the official first day of the summer season nearing ever closer, we're comin' at you with another refreshing cocktail! This one features the elderflower French liqueur St-Germain, but it's got a fun twist. A collaboration between St-Germain Global Brand Ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal and artist Lily Kwong, The Labyrinthe is a concoction of Kaffir lime-infused St-Germain mixed with tequila, and it's got us feeling all those warm-weather vibes.

As an expert on the subject of cocktails, Vidal spoke with InStyle about the unlikely pairing of tequila and St-Germain and why this drink is so perfect for the season. "It is refreshingly sour with bright flavor," she said. And it basically pairs well with everything.

"The tequila works well with the bright flavors from fish tacos, and at aperitif hour, the cocktail would go nicely with some briny oysters," Vidal explained. "You could keep it green and enjoy it with a tasty salad, or try it with a dish that highlights notes from the Kaffir lime, an ingredient that’s used often in different styles of Asian Cuisine. A favorite of mine is the Coconut & Kaffir Lime Rice Ball from Khe-Yo, a Laotian restaurant in TriBeCa."

Lily Kwong is a landscape designer and artist and the drink was created as part of her largest art installation yet. To celebrate the 1,000 elderflowers in every bottle of St-Germain liqueur, Kwong is creating an interactive installation titled "Maison St-Germain" which will take place during a private soirée on the Summer Solstice (June 21) at The High Line in N.Y.C. From what we already know about it (think: 16th Century French geometric hedge maze and a canopy of fresh flowers), it's sure to be breathtaking.

Read below for the full drink recipe.

The Labyrinthe Cocktail

How to Make It

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Shake, pour in a coupette, and garnish with Kaffir lime leaf.

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