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It's our firm belief that every day should be National Margarita Day, but we can take solace in the fact that, every Feb. 22, we can pay tribute to the legendary cocktail by drinking copious amounts of it (naturally). While the drink is typically made with triple sec, tequila, and lime or lemon juice—often with salt or sugar on the rim of the glass—the guys over at La Esquina, a cult-favorite Mexican restaurant on a bustling corner in downtown N.Y.C., have their own creative riff on the classic recipe: the Pepino Diablo (translation: "cucumber devil"). "The mix of spicy jalapeño Tanteo blanco tequila compliments the fresh cucumber, lime, chili salt, and agave nectar to give your mouth a burst of spice and freshness," says beverage manager Adam Baca.

Below, learn how to recreate the trademark recipe easily at home. Salud!

Pepino Diablo Margarita

How to Make It

Combine all ingredients and shake. 

Restaurant Source

La Esquina

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