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Whether or not you're keeping kosher for Passover, we can all agree that matzo ball soup is delicious pretty much any time of year, at any time of day. Rich and flavorful with a salty, chicken-y broth, the Seder plate staple is the ideal palate cleanser before an hours-long meal of brisket, kugel, charoset, and copious glasses of Manischewitz—the fact that it's unleavened is a mere bonus.

If you're feeling up for the challenge of making your own batch, we tapped the team at Katz's Delicatessen on New York's Lower East Side for their go-to recipe. According to owner Jake Dell, Katz's matzo ball soup is the product of dueling grandmas. "The Katz family had a contest to see which grandma had the best recipe, and the winning soup is what we serve today," he recently told InStyle

Read on for the full how-to and see if your bubbe's recipe stacks up. 

Matzo Ball Soup

How to Make It

1. Beat eggs and seasonings together in an incredibly large mixer.
2. Store at cold temperature overnight.
3. Roll the batter into roughly 100 miniature-sized baseballs and drop into boiling water (use an even larger saucepan that is wide rather than deep).
4. Once the balls start floating, gently stir. Keep boiling until they become softball-sized (almost double).
5. Add matzo balls to a traditional chicken broth soup and enjoy. 

Restaurant Source

Katz's Delicatessen

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