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If you’re hosting guests this holiday season, exceed their boozy expectations with a drink they haven’t been served countless times before. Like the sound of that, but need some inspiration? Look no further than this twist on the mint julep from restaurant Fig & Olive. Like its inspiration, this new take is bourbon-based, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.

“To add a unique element, we muddle fig to bring on a rich fruity quality," says Mitchell Malnati, wine and beverage director at the restaurant. "The addition of shaved walnuts as a garnish adds a very surprising texture that works with the richness of the port.” Speaking of port, the fortified wine makes the cocktail seem more appropriate for chillier days, so you can rest assured knowing that you're serving the perfect, seasonal concoction.

Fig & Walnut Julep

How to Make It

Method: Shake and strain.
Garnish: Walnut shavings, slice of fig, topped with a mint sprig.

Restaurant Source

Fig & Olive

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