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You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner, but how about breakfast for happy hour? If yogurt and fresh fruit top your list of morning eats, you'll want to try this new drink. The brainchild of mixologist Julian Cox and head chef CJ Jacobson of Ēma Mediterranean restaurant in Chicago features Greek yogurt and homemade coconut blueberry syrup. It's a sweet addition to the restaurant's newly released spring/summer cocktail list that features a slew of unique crossover elixirs with star ingredients found both in the kitchen and behind the bar. 

Read on for the full recipe, and perhaps consider a new addition to your brunch mimosa tradition. 


Balm.Com Cocktail with Greek Yogurt

How to Make It

1. Add lemon balm to the bottom of a Collins glass and muddle.
2. Add all other ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake to incorporate and emulsify the ingredients. 
3. Fill Collins glass with crushed ice. Strain mixed cocktail into the glass. 
4. Swizzle and add more crushed ice.
5. Garnish with fresh lemon balm and ras el hanout spice if desired. 
For rich coconut blueberry syrup:
2.5 cups superfine sugar
1 cup coconut water
1 cups blueberries (frozen or fresh)
1. Combine ingredients and blend to incorporate.
2. Allow to sit for a 1 hour to marry.
3. Blend again and strain.

Restaurant Source

Ema (Chef CJ Jacobson & Beverage Director Julian Cox)

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