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Happy National Brownie Day! Stock Up on These Gourmet Mixes Now

If you’re like us, you don’t need a made up holiday to remind you that you’re a lover of all things chocolatey. But you’re also not going to ignore a special occasion like National Brownie Day when it creeps up on you today. Here we’ve round up some of our favorite gourmet mixes that are worth whipping up for any event, all year long. Whether you’re the kind of gal who practices a gluten-free diet, loves combining cocoa with other flavors like peppermint and pumpkin, or are a chocolate purist, we found the perfect mix for you. Check 'em out below.

Italian Study Finds Eating Pasta Doesn't Cause Weight Gain, So Celebrate with These 4 Hearty Recipes

Health conscious pasta lovers, rejoice: Your favorite dish is back on the menu.  According to a recent study published in the health journal Nutrition and Diabetes, partially funded by Italian pasta maker Barilla, everyone's favorite carb does not, in fact, cause obesity, but rather contributes to a lower body mass index (BMI). The report analyzed the eating habits of over 23,000 Italians and found that individuals who ate pasta, which offers little to no nutritional value on its own, had slimmer waists and were more likely to adhere to a healthy Mediterranean diet of fresh produce, whole grains, and healthy fats. So has the once vilified carb finally redeemed itself? Perhaps. While the report skims over small, yet important details, like the fact that the largest portion participants consumed was 3 oz. (fun fact: Italians generally treat pasta as a first course rather than as an entrée), the final takeaway is clear: If you're going to eat pasta, eat it like an Italian. That is to say, enjoy it in moderation, with high-quality ingredients (think: fresh heirloom tomatoes, wild mushrooms, and olives). If you need some culinary inspiration, we rounded up four delicious recipes. Buon appetito!

Gillian Jacobs Goes to This L.A. Thai Restaurant So Much She Became Friends With the Staff

The witty actress and the family-taught chef chill out at Night + Market Song while making a flavor-packed Thai dish with ginger and scallions.

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24 Baking Gadgets That Will Transform the Way You Bake

Want to create something as beautiful and mouthwatering as the cake you see above? For all you aspiring pastry chefs out there, we’ve got a flurry of gadgets to recommend that will take your skills to the next level. As a baking enthusiast and a pastry school grad, here’s a list of the gear that’s used on the regular in my kitchen. Some may be upgrades to what you already have, some will help to optimize the simplest of tasks like scraping a bowl, and others may be used less frequently, but are essential to amping up your presentation. Check out the shopping list below, and to create the beauty above from food stylist Judy Kim, click here.