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Gillian Jacobs Goes to This L.A. Thai Restaurant So Much She Became Friends With the Staff
The witty actress and the family-taught chef chill out at Night + Market Song while making a flavor-packed Thai dish with ginger and scallions.
7 Delicious Hot Cocktails to Spice Up Your Holiday Party
The holidays are here and that means cuddling by a fire and warming up from the inside out with something hot to drink. We're used to the mulled wines, hot apple ciders, and classic hot toddys, but for the hostess who wants to really impress her holiday party guests, this is the season to try a more adventurous hot cocktail.  For a simple upgrade, add an extra kick to your egg nog by adding 1.5 oz of the spirit of your choice and garnishing with a dusting of nutmeg and some orange zest, says Spike TV's Bar Rescue expert Mia Mastroianni. And to perfectly spike your homemade apple cider (2 quarts of cider, 3 cinnamon sticks, 6 whole cloves, an orange sliced into thin wheels, and optional small piece of ginger simmered in a saucepan on low heat), she suggests adding 1.5 oz of spiced rum or bourbon to your seasonal mug. "One of my favorite things to do is keep a pot of cider mulling on the stovetop—it makes the house smell wonderful, and it's incredibly easy to prep." But if you're looking to go for something more novel and dazzling, check out our favorite hot cocktail recipes below, from a ginger hot toddy to lavender-spiked hot cocoa—plus what to add to your shopping list so you're always ready to pour.  

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10 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes So Good, You Won't Miss the Meat
Thanksgiving can be a tough day for vegetarians and vegans. The holiday is about getting together, giving thanks, and eating one big meal—that centers around a turkey. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of other autumnal flavors to celebrate this season, from butternut squash to pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and cranberry. Vegetarian gratin, stuffing, galette, and even shepherd’s pie can substitute for a main course, and hearty soups and salads make the perfect appetizers. Whether you’re a vegetarian yourself or you’re hosting one at your Thanksgiving table, keep scrolling for 10 meat-free dishes so good, you might even skip the turkey.

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