This Luxurious Jasmine Oil-Infused Hair Serum Is My Secret for Long and Healthy Strands

It’s incredibly hydrating.

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Ranavat Hair Oil Review

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Every Saturday morning, like clockwork, my mom would forcefully massage hair oil into my scalp. And every week I tried to run away from her because I was in a “my culture is embarrassing” era and didn’t want to walk around the neighborhood in a greasy, coconut-scented braid. However, now that I’m older and have worked to embrace my South Asian heritage, I’ve kept the hair oiling ritual alive, but on my own terms. Instead of reaching for the Parachute coconut oil I grew up with, I’ve upgraded to Ranavat’s Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Michelle Ranavat founded Ranavat in 2017 as a way to honor the traditional Ayurvedic rituals she grew up with. For thousands of years, women in India have massaged hair oils into their scalp to encourage blood flow to the hair follicles which promotes hair growth and longer healthier hair. 

Shockingly, the Fortifying Hair Serum only has three organic ingredients — amla extract which encourages hair follicle repair for healthier strands, jasmine oil which works to combat dandruff, and sunflower oil which replenishes hydration. At $70, the product is expensive, but the oils are extracted using a cold-pressing method to maintain potency, so a little goes a long way. I’m constantly heat-styling my hair, so I need a trusted hair serum in my beauty arsenal to maintain any semblance of hydration. 

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Once a week I massage the Ranavat oil generously into my scalp and leave it on overnight. I typically wear a loose braid and wrap my head in a headscarf or turban to prevent the serum from transferring onto my pillowcase, which can lead to breakouts, but the serum is so lightweight that it's not an issue if I forget. I also apply a small amount to my ends when I hop out of the shower to heat protect, lock in shine and moisture, and tame split ends. As I mentioned, I’m addicted to heat styling (a lá the Revlon One-Step) and I can’t imagine how brittle and coarse my hair would be if I didn’t apply this product weekly. 

My favorite thing about the oil is the fragrant jasmine scent which acts as a siren song for compliments. Customers call the scent “luxe,” “spa-like,” and “divine.” “It is like a warm, nostalgic, therapeutic hug for anyone who grew up in a South Asian family surrounded by jasmine garlands or jasmine scented oils,” one shopper wrote. 

At one point in time, the hair serum had a 3,500-person waitlist and I completely understand why. Thankfully, they’ve restocked and you can get your hands on this oil for $70 at Credo, or on sale for up to 20 percent off at Sephora during the Holiday Savings event.

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