My Apartment Smells Exactly Like an Anthropologie Store Thanks to This Smart Fragrance Diffuser

I have Capri Blue’s Volcano scent on command.

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Pura Anthropologie scent

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If you’ve stepped into an Anthropologie store recently, you’ll likely recall its heavenly ambiance: sweet yet fresh, mingling with notes of tropical fruit and sugared citrus. The fan-favorite fragrance is Capri Blue’s Volcano, according to the brand, which typically burns in candle form. Though I’ve yet to procure it, I did, however, snag a spiffy, flameless alternative — the Pura Scent Diffuser — which has been pumping Antropolgie’s signature scent throughout my abode for the past few months.

CB Pura Smart Home Diffuser Kit Volcano

Capri Blue

Shop now: $84; 

The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is an Airwick-adjacent device — albeit with a few more bells and whistles. For one, Pura’s scent capsules are from lauded fragrance brands — Nest, Homesick, and, of course, Capri Blue, among others, which have packaged their juice into Pura-compatible, snap-n-go capsules. Once you’ve chosen your desired scent (in my case, Volcano), simply click it into one of the diffuser’s two caverns. (Each slot can accommodate a different fragrance capsule — an ideal feature for people who prefer alternating their scent du jour.)

The Pura diffuser is a smart device, corresponding with an intuitive app. The app allows for toggling your scent’s intensity, in addition to its runtime. (Each capsule lasts approximately two weeks, assuming you’re running your Pura eight hours per day.) There’s even a savvy scheduling feature, which programs your scent to emit on specific day(s) and time(s). In an effort to preserve my precious Capri Blue (which, incidentally, is sold out on Pura’s website), I’ve set my device to power on  when I’m physically in my apartment — a feature made possible by location tracking — and switch off when I leave. An aesthetic feature of note: The Pura features a built-in light that emits a cozy glow in any color of your liking, making it a pretty and practical nightlight to boot.

Inclined to scent your home like an Anthropologie store? Shop the Pura scent diffuser to do so with the touch of a button. 

Capri BLUE Pura Fragrance Refill Volcano

Container Store

Shop now: $36;

Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser


Shop now: $44;

Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser


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