Rate Base: 1,700,000*
Standard rates for all colorations

Full Page$199,000
CV2 (a) $252,800
CV3 $228,900
CV4 $278,600
1/3 Page Vertical $95,600
1/2 Page Horizontal $129,400
2/3 Page Vertical $160,600

(a) Cover 2 advertiser must run on page 1. Please add the cost of page 1.

Copy Splits
$2,000 for the first split and $1,100 for each additional split. All charges are non-commissionable. Due to the consolidation of newsstand wholesalers, there is a 10% margin of error in the delivery of split-run copies to newsstands. Consequently, InStyle cannot guarantee the delivery of split-run copies to all desired newsstands.

Insert Cards and Non Run-of-Book Inserts
A 10% margin must be allowed in the circulation and distribution of insert cards and non run-of-book inserts. Rates, specifications and availability on request.

Non-Standard Colors
All run-of-book ads that use non-convertible PMS or five (5) colors will incur a $2,500 non-commissionable production premium per page. If PMS metallic or Day Glo inks are used, a $3,600 non-commissionable production charge will be incurred per page.

*Ratebase and Rates do not apply to the InStyle Special Issue, InStyle Your Look.

Circulation includes the print and digital editions of the Magazine. Qualified full-run advertisements will run in both editions. See MAGAZINE ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS for additional information including opt-out and upgrade options.

For more information, please contact your InStyle sales representative.