Prince William Is Reportedly "Seething" Over Prince Harry's Memoir

He's "incredibly angry at the level of detail," says a royal expert.

Prince Harry's secret-spilling memoir Spare hasn't officially hit bookshelves just yet, but emotions are already running high at Buckingham Palace — according to royal expert Katie Nicholl. 

While the royal family has stayed silent over the brigade of bombshells that have dropped thus far, privately, Prince William is reportedly "seething and devastated" over the tell-all book. Particularly, Will is "incredibly angry at the level of detail" Harry has shared, says Nicholl while speaking with Entertainment Tonight

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One incident that Harry detailed in his book that Will probably wished he kept private was the mention of how the brothers got into a physical altercation after a fight over Meghan Markle in 2019. "He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor," Harry wrote, revealing that he was left with "scrapes and bruises" on his back from Will's alleged attack.

"Knowing how bad things have got between the brothers, it's not actually all that surprising that one of them just lost their temper and lashed out," Nicholl said. "But to read about it in such detail is very painful, and one can only imagine very difficult for the Prince of Wales, Prince William, who of course isn't really able to answer back, isn't really able to share his side of the story."

Nicholl also added that William is upset because his father, King Charles, has repeatedly tried to make amends with Harry and Meghan, but the couple has rejected his attempts to reconcile. "The king invited Harry and Meghan to Sandringham for Christmas, they refused that invitation," Nicholl explained. "The king has made a real point of extending an olive branch to the couple and I think knowing just how damaging this book was going to be for the royal family, Harry and Meghan made that decision to stay away over Christmas."

The Palace hasn't released an official statement in response to the memoir, but Nicholl says the royals are just as shocked as everyone else by Harry's willingness to overshare. "My understanding is that the mood in the palace is one of shock, one of disbelief, and Prince William is said to be devastated and seething over this autobiography."

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