Prince William and Kate Middleton Hope to "Break the Cycle" of the Heir and Spare With Their Children

Prince Harry's memoir, titled 'Spare,' may have something to do with this.

As the world waits for Prince William to ascend the throne, much of the British public treated Prince Harry like a "spare," who was merely waiting in the wings until William and Kate Middleton had children. That cycle seemed like a plague on the royals, with the same feeling coming up when Prince Charles was waiting and his siblings, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne just hanging out and waving to the fans their entire lives.

A royal expert explains that if things work out, William and Kate are set to break the cycle. With their children set to live "normal" lives, they won't be waiting for the royal machine to give them purpose. It's a stark contrast to Harry's experience — he even went as far as titling his memoir Spare. Instead of having that weight on their shoulders, William and Kate's children should be able to have their own passions and pursuits.

"There’s this heir and spare dynamic that we have been talking about for the last few years, in which the spare typically is so completely lost and they fall into trouble," royal expert Kinsey Schofield told Express. "We look at Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew, and now Prince Harry. I know Prince Harry is trying to do his own thing, but I do think he is struggling."

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She went on to say that there's optimism about just how well this would work. Schofield thinks that there's a good chance that it'll be in the best interest for the children.

"I don’t think that it’s going to happen to Prince William’s children," Schofield added. "I believe that this is where they’re going to break the cycle. I think that they’re going to stop with the spare talk and I think the 'necessity' for a spare ends now."

She also pointed out the stark difference between Andrew and Anne and the Cambridge kids. Though they're young, Schofield says that it's clear there's more to them than just being figureheads.

"I think we’ll see his children go off to school, find careers that they’re sincerely passionate about, and be an adult in a way that we never got to see Margaret or Andrew do," she finished. "They were just content with living off the purse, waving at strangers. I think that William’s children will be encouraged to find their purpose and pursue those things, and it not really being about waiting to see if something happens to the heir."

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