The Possibility of Prince Harry Getting Stripped of His Title Is Reportedly Being "Discussed at the Highest Level"

From the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor.

With King Charles III’s coronation right around the corner, tensions between Prince Harry and the royal family seem to be higher than ever — and it doesn’t look like they’ll lower anytime soon. Just days after it was revealed that Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly won’t be allowed on Buckingham Palace’s balcony during the historic event (but missed the deadline to even RSVP yes or no to the coronation, anyways), it’s just been revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be at risk of losing their royal titles altogether.

According to a new book written by royal expert Robert Jobson, the idea of Harry and Meghan losing their titles is currently being “discussed a the highest level.” The Mirror added that although Harry’s prince title is a birthright that cannot be taken away, the Duke of Sussex title (a wedding gift from the late Queen Elizabeth) doesn’t have the same restrictions.

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“It has long been suggested the couple should be stripped of their titles since they quit their duties and uprooted for a new life in California,” the outlet said, noting that the pair would instead use the royal family’s familial surname, Mountbatten-Windsor, if put into effect.

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Jobson added in his book, “King Charles is understood to ‘not be in favor’ of axing Harry’s royal title and has ‘enduring love for his son’ despite having made the decision that Meghan should not accompany Harry to Balmoral when the family gathered after the queen died.”

“The idea of stripping Harry of his Duke of Sussex title has been discussed at the highest level. The king is said not to be in favor, but other senior royals are less indulgent,” the author continued. “Ultimately, despite Charles’s enduring love for his son, he will come under increasing pressure if Harry continues to attack the monarchy.”

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