Prince Harry Is Reportedly “Very Nervous” About the Coronation

He's not sure how his family will "react" to everything — and we mean everything.

The world is counting down the days until King Charles's coronation on May 6, but there's one person that may just steal the spotlight — and it's exactly what the royal family doesn't want. Now that everyone knows that Prince Harry will make the trip across the Atlantic to see his pops take the throne, he's apparently apprehensive about the whole ordeal, which could see him taking attention away from the pomp and circumstance of Charles and Camilla's big day. It's something he's aware of and according to royal expert Nick Bullen, the family is very aware of it all, too.

Prince Harry

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“I think he’ll be nervous about how the family [will] react to him, and I think it’s pretty clear that he’s gonna minimize the amount of time that he’s in London,” Bullen told Us Weekly. “He’s already said that he wants to be back for Archie’s birthday that afternoon, that evening ... It will be very much of a fly-in visit. Harry isn’t part of the procession or the balcony appearance.”

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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Just a recap for anyone who's behind (understandable): Prince William and Harry are still not on speaking terms — allegedly. Prince Charles and Harry are talking, obviously, and the king wants his progeny to get along, like any dad would. Meghan Markle is staying home to celebrate her son Archie's birthday and Kate Middleton is, apparently, just unbothered and keeping her signature smile on her face.

Insiders added that Meghan would never have missed Archie's birthday, even for a coronation. Sources said that she sees herself as a mother first and that those duties supersede anything and everything at Buckingham Palace (or Westminster Abbey). 

“As much as Meghan appreciates the invite to the coronation, she wouldn’t miss her son’s birthday for the world. Despite being the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is a mom first,” an insider said. “She feels very grateful to be included in such a special occasion by the royal family and is glad that Harry can go and show support on behalf of their family. But being the same day as Archie’s birthday, unfortunately, she’s just going to have to miss out on this one.”

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