Prince Andrew Has Reportedly Been Evicted From His Royal "Bachelor Pad"

You thought the royal drama would slow down after Spare?

Disgraced royal Prince Andrew is being stripped of one more royal perk. After he was connected to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, he was removed from his patronages, had his military titles stripped, and his royal office at Buckingham Palace was shut down. Now, new reports have emerged stating that he'll be asked to leave the palace altogether and give up the "bachelor pad" that he's had for years. 

Sources close to the royal family revealed to The Sun that Andrew has been asked to leave the Buckingham Palace apartment he has been living for decades.

“The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is no place for Prince Andrew,” a source said. “First, his office closed last year and now his sleeping quarters.” 

Prince Andrew

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“Andrew loved having a suite at Buckingham Palace where he was not only set up for marital life with Sarah Ferguson but used it as a bachelor’s pad after his divorce,” the source continued. “He brought back a string of new girlfriends to his home in the Palace — even model Caprice. A bachelor’s flat in St. James’s Palace doesn’t have the same allure for a single man.”

Andrew won't be completely homeless, however, as he still spends time at Royal Lodge with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. The home, which is on Windsor Great Park, used to belong to the Queen Mother. He could also crash at his daughter Princess Beatrice's abode at St. James Palace, where she has a four-room apartment

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