Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is Mad as Hell — and Fired Up

The Senator explains why, following Amy Coney Barrett's rushed confirmation, now is the time for action.

Kirsten Gillibrand Explains Why Democrats Want to Expand the Court
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Like many of you, I started last week frustrated and, frankly, very angry. I still am.

At a time when the Senate should have been negotiating a real economic relief package for the American families who are struggling during this public health and economic crisis, my Republican colleagues instead chose to rush through the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice.

Not just any Justice, but one with a written track record of disagreeing with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Care Act.

They held this vote in the middle of an election — after more than 50 million people already voted — all to ensure that she would be on the bench when the court hears arguments over the ACA on Nov. 10.

They defied the will of the people. This was not what the American people wanted. People not only like the ACA, they rely on it, and they have no interest in seeing the law overturned — not during a pandemic, not ever.

When I’m frustrated and angry, I look to the example of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I dissent in the face of injustice and I fight back to protect the rights of the millions of Americans that are now in jeopardy.

So on Wednesday, I woke up, and put on my blue sweater embroidered with the word “Brave,” and I took that message to heart. I hit the campaign trail and met amazing women and families in Pennsylvania, who are fighting like hell to win this battle for the soul of our nation.

This election ends on Tuesday. These last two days are our chance to change the future of our country. And I don’t have to tell you that there could not be more at stake.

If Donald Trump is re-elected, our health care, Roe v. Wade, and so much more are all at risk. This President still has no plan for getting this pandemic under control. Instead, he’s waving a white flag and pretending it doesn’t exist. What’s worse, he wants to rip away health insurance from millions of Americans — including over 100 million Americans with pre-existing conditions — in the middle of a public health crisis. And he wants to revert back to the time before the ACA, when women could be charged higher health insurance premiums just for being a woman.

When asked about the upcoming Supreme Court case he said, “I hope that they end it. It’ll be so good if they end it.” So good? I can’t think of an answer that’s more out of touch with the realities American families dealing with cancer, diabetes, or COVID are facing.

There is only one candidate in this race who will get this pandemic under control and protect our care, and that’s my friend, Joe Biden.

Joe will usher in relief from this pandemic, and he’ll build back better. He won’t just protect the ACA, he’ll build on it. He will expand access to health care, lower health care costs, protect Medicaid from cuts, and double community health centers, which provide primary, prenatal, and other important care to underserved populations.

He will protect women’s access to health care and codify Roe v. Wade into law. Like me, Joe believes health care is a right regardless of your zip code or income, and he’ll take action to make that a reality.

And he will fight to defend our rights — voting rights and civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights and women's rights, the rights of immigrants and those with disabilities, and more. Joe and Kamala will fight for an America that is more inclusive and equal.

Last week started frustrated and angry, but it ended another way: Brave. Let’s finish this. Let’s get to the polls. Let’s get those ballots returned. Let’s get our friends and family and community members to mask up and head to the polls with us. Visit today to make your plan.

Turn your frustration into fuel and take your bravery to the ballot box. Keep up the fight, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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