We Asked 3 Black Women to Illustrate What It Feels Like to Say "Madame Vice President"

Kamala Harris is the first Black woman to serve as Vice President of the United States.

Kamala Harris Wearing Tory Burch Top
Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Wednesday's inauguration marks the first time in United States history that a woman — a Black and South Asian woman, to be precise — has served as the vice president.

To celebrate Vice President Kamala Harris and her glass-ceiling-shattering achievement, InStyle asked three Black women designers to create pieces in response to the question of "What does Kamala Harris becoming vice president feel like to you?"

Trap Bob, Kendra Dandy, and Shae, She Is This, stepped up to create distinct and beautiful pieces reflecting the emotions and elation that come being able to say "Madame Vice President Kamala Harris."

We're Waiting Colorful Afro Trap Bob Tenbeete Solomon
Trap Bob/Tenbeete Solomon

"'We're Speaking' encompasses my feelings about Kamala Harris becoming vice president, utilizing a spin on her 'I'm speaking' reply to Mike Pence during the presidential debates," Trap Bob tells InStyle about her piece. "This to me expresses the representation this moment creates for Black women, having a position and voice to be heard, seen, and uplifted. This is truly a powerful and inspiring moment for the entire country. I am beyond proud."

Kendra Dandy Glasses Kamala Harris
Kendra Dandy
Shae, She Is This Kamala Harris Art
Shae, She Is This
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