Kamala Harris Admitted to Googling Husband Douglas Emhoff Before Their First Date

"My best friend set us up on a blind date and she said, 'Don't Google him.' I did."

Even vice president-elect Kamala Harris isn't above Googling her dates.

During an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, Harris admitted to breaking the cardinal rule of blind dating, and revealed that she researched her now-husband Douglas Emhoff before meeting him for the first time in 2013. When host Jane Pauley asked Harris — who was joined by the first second gentleman for the TV interview — if she Googled Emhoff following a friend setting them up, she burst out in laughter. And before she could answer, Emhoff exclaimed, "Ooo, this is a reveal."

"I've never been asked that. I did!" Harris said. "Oh, that's so funny you asked me that question. So, yes, my best friend set us up on a blind date. And she said, 'Just trust me. Just trust me. Just don't …' You know, she wanted me to just kind of go into it, and she said, 'Don't Google him.' I did!" The search engine results only revealed that he was a lawyer based in Los Angeles.

Emhoff proceed to tell how he made the first move, after mulling over what to say to her in a text message. "One of my buddies was in town, and we went to a Laker game. And so, you know, we [had] a couple of beers, I told him the story. I said, 'What do you think I should text her?'"

Kamala Harris Doug Emhoff

He added, "So, we sat there in the stands and we came up with this text, which was something like, 'Hey, it's Doug. Awkward! I'm texting you.'"

The next morning after their date, Doug called Kamala and left a voice message. "So, I left this ridiculous voicemail, which she has saved and plays back to me on our anniversary every year," said Emhoff. "I thought I'd never hear from her again, but …"

Finishing his sentence, Kamala chimed in, "But it was just, it was adorable." Adorable, indeed.

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