Naomi Biden Shut Down Tucker Carlson's Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Joe and Jill

"Someone give this man a hug."

First granddaughter Naomi Biden is not having Tucker Carlson's comments about Joe and Jill Biden's marriage.

The conservative Fox host ran a segment on his show sarcastically implying, for some reason, that the president and first lady's marriage is a public relations scam put together by political consultants.

"So it's official: The Bidens' affection is totally real," he said. "It's in no way part of a slick PR campaign devised by cynical consultants. No, not at all. Their love is as real as climate change."

On Wednesday, Naomi Biden retweeted a video of Carlson's bit, writing simply, "Someone give this man a hug."

Other people on Twitter weighed in on Carlson's bizarre comments, pointing out that, yes, the Bidens' relationship is as real as climate change, which has been backed by scientific evidence.

"Tucker Carlson said Joe and Jill Biden's marriage is 'as real as climate change,'" Stephen Colbert tweeted. "Because it's been around since the Carter administration, and it's only getting hotter?"

This past Valentine's Day, the president and first lady were spotted walking the White House lawn, viewing the decorations the first lady had put up as messages of encouragement to the country.

"Valentine's Day is a big day, Jill's favorite day," the president told reporters.

On the holiday, he shared a photo of the two of them on social media, writing, "The love of my life and the life of my love. Happy Valentine's Day, Jilly."

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