Jill Biden Deplaned Executive One Wearing Fishnets and Black Booties

She debuted the outfit after pulling a hilarious April Fools' Day prank 

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had a busy day on Thursday (otherwise known as April Fools' Day, or, to me, the worst pseudo-holiday in rotation).

While traveling on Executive One Foxtrot, the First Lady's plane, Biden pranked staff and reporters by dressing up as a flight attendant (complete with a black wig and name tag reading "Jasmine") and handing out Dove ice cream bars. (Side note: Dove ice cream bars should be handed out on every airline, regardless of seat tier — I'm talking to you, Delta.) After serving dessert, Biden reportedly returned to the cabin sans wig and exclaimed "April Fools!"

Biden is apparently a known in-flight prankster. In her memoir she wrote of hiding in an overhead bin on Air Force Two when her husband, President Joe Biden, was vice president.

Amid a chaotic day of First Lady duties and elaborate pranks, Biden also wore an unexpected (though greatly appreciated) outfit. Jill paired a set of black floral fishnet tights, black heeled booties, a semi-pleated leather skirt, and a fitted black blazer. Think: Early aughts emo meets White House matriarch.

Jill Biden Wore Fishnets on Air Force One

As promised during her husband's 2020 campaign, Dr. Biden has maintained her full-time job as an English teacher since the inauguration. According to a CBS News report, Biden is currently teaching three remote introductory English courses at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

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