"That's my passion, that's my life," she explained in her and President Biden's first interview in the White House.​


Dr. Jill Biden is already back to teaching Zoom classes at Northern Virginia Community College from the White House. She says the "passion" she has for her job is the reason for staying employed as a professor during her time in the White House.

 "I taught all eight years that I was second lady.," Dr. Biden told People in the couple's first interview in the White House. "That's my passion, that's my life."

And Dr. Biden (or Dr. B to her students) is the first spouse in modern history to keep their profession while in the White House. President Biden notes that the "energy" Dr. Biden receives from her job may have contributed to her decision to continue teaching. "The students she teaches, these are foreign students or people who weren't the people who graduated from high school, but they're remaking their lives. It's an inspiration. It's energy for Jill, but it's a lot of work."

A full-time job and the responsibilities that come along with being First Lady seems like a lot to balance, but Dr. Biden feels good about the hard work she's putting in.

"It's been busy. But it's been so many different things, so many different areas, and Joe's been working hard on foreign policy and of course his new [COVID relief] plan," she told People. "And so we have a lot to do — but we have a lot ahead of us and we feel good about it. We feel like people have hope that we're moving the country forward."

And when things get tough, the couple leans on each other — perhaps the reason their 43-year marriage has been so successful.

"She has a backbone like a ramrod," President Biden said. "Everybody says marriage is 50/50. Well, sometimes you have to be 70/30. Thank God that when I'm really down, she steps in, and when she's really down, I'm able to step in. We've been really supportive of one another."

Dr. Biden adds, "All that we've been through together — the highs, the lows and certainly tragedy and loss — there's that quote that says sometimes you become stronger in the fractured places. That's what we try to achieve."

Another reason for their successful love story? Their independence. President Biden said they could both do their jobs without each other, though they wouldn't be done quite as well. Well, that and the fact that Dr. Biden still leaves encouraging notes on her husband's mirror.

"Jill, when she wants me to get a real message, she tapes it on the mirror above the sink where I shave," said the President. "And she put up a great quote from Kierkegaard saying, 'Faith sees best in the dark.'"