In response to the hateful article, President-elect Joe Biden said he's been “suppressing my Irishness for some time.”


Last Friday, Dr. Jill Biden was the subject of a misogynistic and cruel Wall Street Journal op-ed urging the future first lady to “drop” her “Dr.” title.

In the days that have passed, everyone from Kamala Harris to Michelle Obama has shown their support for Dr. Biden and criticized the patronizing op-ed.

Dr. Biden and her husband, President-elect Joe Biden, appeared on Thursday’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and discussed, among other things, their reaction to the article.

"That was such a surprise,” Jill said of the op-ed. “It was really the tone of it,” she added, pointing to the writer addressing her as “kiddo.”

"One of the things I'm most proud of is my doctorate, you know, I worked so hard for it,” she went on.

"She had two master's degrees. She kept going school all the time, while teaching at night,” Joe remembered. "I said, 'Jill, why don't you get a doctorate and make us some real money!' She gets the doctorate and gets a $2,000 raise,” he joked. 

The longtime teacher hasn’t failed to see the silver lining though. "Look at the people who came out in support of me,” she told Colbert. “I am so grateful and I was just overwhelmed by how gracious people were toward me.”

The talk show host also asked the President-elect how he felt about the incident. Biden stopped himself mid-sentence but allowed that he’s been “suppressing my Irishness for some time.”

On Sunday evening, Dr. Biden appeared to respond to the op-ed indirectly when she tweeted, “Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished.”

The Bidens take office in 33 days, by the way (but who’s counting … ).