Jasmine Cephas Jones Sang a Prince song For Her Hamilton Audition

Not only did she land the role she got a little something extra.

Jasmine Cephas Jones
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It takes an incredibly skilled singer to croon a Prince falsetto note or two for an audition. But that is exactly what actress Jasmine Cephas Jones did when trying out for the award-winning musical, Hamilton.

"My favorite song to cover is 'How Come U Don't Call Me' by Prince," she says. And it definitely paid off. Not only did she land the role as Maria Reynolds, but she was also asked on the spot to audition for Peggy Schuyler in the original cast.

"Alex Lacamoire wrote out [Peggy's lines] on a napkin and taught it to me in the audition room just to see if I could go from R&B sultry to a young child," she shares.

Cephas Jones has many memorable moments that feel like a dream for the actress and songstress. From partying with Prince to winning her first Emmy for her role in #FreeRayshawn, Cephas Jones is living out her dreams just like a badass woman should.

"A badass woman is a woman that is true to herself. Doesn't let her fears stop her from doing what she loves to do. Has a kind heart and don't take no shit," she shares with InStyle's Badass Questionnaire series. Below Cephas Jones shares a few hallmark moments of her career thus far.

The London-born actress may feel powerful when she wears sweats and Doc Martens, but character Maria Reynold's wardrobe made her feel next level. "I think it's the most beautiful piece I've ever worn," she adds. Paul Tazewell won a 2016 Tony Award for best costume design for Hamilton.

Recently she has been slaying the red carpets to support her work, or that of her father, Ron Cephas Jones, best known for his role in This is Us. She and her father became the first father and daughter to win Emmy's on the same night.

The Blindspotting actor is halfway to an EGOT, and there is no stopping her ascent in Hollywood now. As she continues to grace the stage and our screens, there are a few things she does to make sure she kicks ass with her characters. Her pre-show playlists consist of Beyoncé, Steve Wonder, Enya, and Prince to get her in the zone.

"I try to analyze the script as much as I can and do research about the character as much as I can. I take time for emotional preparation. Every role is different and asks for different things, but I think just be as prepared as possible," she shares.

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