Dove Cameron Just Released New Music In Time For Valentine's Day

She also shared what makes her so badass with us.

Dove Cameron
Photo: Getty Images

After teasing fans with snippets of new music on TikTok, actress, and singer, Dove Cameron finally shared her new track, Boyfriend on February 10. "You have no idea what it means to make something empowering and true to me and have it resonate with you. Gonna go cry now I love you," she wrote in an Instagram post to fans. One day after its release the track had already garnered 24 million streams.

As a young child growing up in Washington, Cameron had dreams of working in the entertainment business. At 8-years-old, she took her first steps as an actress when she began performing at her local community theater. By the time she was 14, her parents went all in and relocated to Los Angeles to help their daughter pursue her dreams.

From appearing in Liv and Maddie, which garnered her an Emmy and in the successful Descendents franchise, to having a music career, it's safe to say she's had a successful run in the entertainment business, and to top everything off she even became a meme.

"I was doing a self-tape. And in the self-tape, she comedically bursts into tears, and it was so over the top and ridiculous that I was (like) I can't be the only person to see this," Cameron says in an interview with InStyle below. "So I put it online, and now everybody thinks it's real, which I just have to investigate, you guys. On what planet am I filming myself sobbing in a real intimate moment of my life and then being 'Internet: have it!' What?" she jokes.

As an actress who grew up on the screen, Cameron understands the importance of protecting her mental health and believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it.

"A lot of it is field notes, figuring out what works for you," she continues. I" usually say, 'Eh, every single person here, including me, is going to be done in a hundred years.' Also, everybody really wants you to have fun. Everybody really, really wants you to succeed. They might not know that, but they do. And so, if you're having fun, we're going with you."

Gone are the days of being a kid on Disney. The 26-year-old actress is now sporting a few tattoos (she got her first when she was 14), and says that transitioning to being an actress in her twenties has been seamless.

"I always felt like I was in my 20s, even when I was a teenager, so I feel like I'm, 'Oh finally, here I am. Now the world sees me how I see myself,'" she says. But what does an actress do when they want to just relax and chill when they're not in front of the camera and trying to memorize lines? Pole dance of course, to her favorite Janelle Monae song "Yoga".

And speaking of Janelle Monáe, she's on Cameron's list of badass women, including FKA twigs and St. Vincent.

"A badass woman is someone who is divorced from public opinion. It's really about finding your own sense of approval, isn't it? Doing it for you," she says. With Cameron's latest track it's evident she's entered a new era of badassery.

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