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The 2020 election is approaching, and InStyle has you covered. Here's what you need to know — from the candidates to the issues affecting women.

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Of Course Kamala Harris Is Ready to Be President
The senator has been criticized for seeming too ambitious — but that's kind of the point.
Nikema Williams Is Rising to the Challenge
The presumed replacement for Rep. John Lewis's congressional seat is ready to carry his torch: “He paved the way and showed me the way.”
Teja Foster Is Getting the Word Out
The social-media director is energizing the next generation of voters.
Kamala Harris's and Mike Pence's Debate Body Language, Decoded by an Expert
"When Senator Harris was interrupted again and again, her big smile, tilted head, and firm, low volume voice was that of a mother correcting her toddler," says Patti Wood.

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When You Dismiss the South as Pro-Trump, You're Putting Minorities Who Live There at Risk

Americans must confront their deeply rooted bias against their rural neighbors and extend their hands — and wallets — in place of a turned back.