The message is loud and clear.

By Christopher Luu
Oct 13, 2020 @ 10:01 am

You don't need a celebrity to remind you that Election Day is coming up. By now, A-listers, singers, models, and even reality TV royalty have urged their followers to get a voting plan together, to make informed decisions, and actually get out there and vote, whether it's in person or by mail. But celebrities aren't satisfied with just talking the talk. They're showing up with masks and T-shirts endorsing their picks and many celebrities that are Democrats are proudly showing their allegiance with these political picks.

Eva Longoria wore a face mask — the season's most important accessory — emblazoned with "Biden" while Hailey Bieber and Pink opted for T-shirts.

Other celebrities have had a more straightforward approach: wearing boots and T-shirts that simply say "VOTE." Oprah, Karlie Kloss, Julianne Moore, and the cast of Jurrasic Park simply want their fans (and critics, because don't even think about going into the comments unless you're ready for some trolling) to take action. 

And while they're not out wearing official (or unofficial) Joe Biden merchandise, Alyssa Milano and Keke Palmer urged their followers to vote or the Democratic nominee