Cardi B, AOC, Lizzo and More Post Strong Reactions to the Presidential Debate

"Do you feel good? Do you feel safe? Do you feel listened to?"

Thefirst presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was 90 minutes of interrupting, tense exchanges, and a whole lot of chaos.

Still, with the election less than 40 days away, thousands of people tuned in to see how both candidates would react to questions about racism, coronavirus, climate change, and more.

presidential debate

Cardi B posted a total of 11 videos throughout the night while watching the debate. While offering to consult with Biden on his roasting skills, she also commented on reports that Trump only paid $750 in federal income tax, and defended Biden after Trump attacked his son Hunter for having an addiction. ″I'm not even going to front, I really feel really bad when Trump came for Biden's son like that, I feel like that was really unnecessary,″ she said. ″For Trump to say that was such a low blow.″

Lizzo struck a somber tone in her address to fans after the debate. She didn't tell fans who to vote for but did ask them to read the room. ″Every time I speak, I am never speaking to a political party, I'm speaking to human beings,″ she said. ″Do you feel good? Do you feel safe? Do you feel listened to? If not, how the hell are we gone get there? I believe in togetherness and I haven't felt together, not a single day ever. None of this shit is together.″

Politicians like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez pointed out that Trump did not denounce white supremacy when asked about, saying, ″This is fascism at our door.″

Senator Elizabeth Warren posted about their closing moments writing, ″Joe Biden spent the final moments of the debate urging Americans to vote. Donald Trump spent the final moments of the debate trying to suppress and discount those votes. Vote like our democracy depends on it—because it does.″

Kerry Washington also pointed to the moment when he was asked about white supremacists .″ Once again. He refuses to condemn White supremacy,″ she wrote. ″PAY ATTENTION FOLKS. Please vote."

If this wasn't enough for you, don't worry, we still have the next debate, which airs on Thursday, Oct. 15, and then another one after that on the 22nd.

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