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CNN’s Abby Phillip Has Some Breaking News of Her Own

The network's beloved senior political correspondent is getting her own show on Jan. 24.

Mike Pence Won’t Invoke the 25th Amendment, Because of His 2024 Ambitions, Ex-Advisor Says

“I'm pretty sure he has political aspiration for 2024. I'm not pretty sure, I know he does,” says Olivia Troye, who resigned from the administration this summer.

Six Female Coaches Are Heading To the NFL Playoffs This Weekend

We sit down with the Browns’ Callie Brownson and Washington’s Jennifer King, who say the influx of women in pro ball is “starting to get hard to ignore.” Finally.

Journalist Mariana van Zeller Might Have the World's Scariest Job

The award-winning investigative journalist investigates everything from the black market arms to cocaine trades.

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