As a Size 14 Woman, Fashion Week Makes Me Anxious — but This Simple Dress Trend Is Changing That

Sleepwear as outerwear is the new move.

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As a Size 14 Woman Fashion Week Makes Me Anxious, But This comfortable trend is getting me through it

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One day I will master the anxiety that overtakes my body and soul during fashion week. The lack of inclusivity and diversity in the industry will still register, but as a thought floating by instead of a parasite that sets up semi-permanent residence in my body and brain.

But I am not there yet, as a woman who wears a size 14, sometimes 16, I am not represented in any of the celebrations, collections, or runway shows. And getting dressed for each one of these events is a bitter reminder of that. All of these parties are for designers who don’t make clothing in my size; I can’t tell you the amount of time, energy, and brain power that goes into thinking about and picking outfits. But this year, I think I have come as close as ever to a comfortably fashionable solution — Lilysilk’s 22 Momme Floral Lace Trimmed Silk Chemise

I don’t know how it took me this long to discover sleepwear as fashion when it’s an always popular celebrity worn trend. Doubly so when it comes to the brand Lilysilk, which has a very long list of celebrity fans that include Anne Hathaway, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Emily Ratajowski

22 Momme Floral Lace Trimmed Silk Chemise

Lily Silk

Shop now: $199;

I ordered the slip in the navy option and size XXL, not really knowing what I was going to do with it, but when I pulled it out of its packaging I actually said, “Wow” out loud to my empty apartment and decided instantly that it was too beautiful to be relegated to just my home. 

Thankfully, the fit allowed for this chemise to be a socially acceptable piece of clothing. The Silk Chemise sits just a few inches above the knee, but isn’t so short that any bend of the body or faint wind would turn me into a flasher. It’s incredibly well-crafted and it doesn’t cling to every crumb, piece of lint, or imperfection of my body. Plus, it was actually easy to style — I paired it with a black faux fur coat and a pair of Mary Janes to pull the look together.

as a size 14 woman fashion week makes me anxious, but this comfortable trend is getting me through it

InStyle / Tamim Alnuweiri

This was really one of the most comfortable and effortless outfits I’ve ever worn, and I received compliments on it from the most intimidating and fashionable strangers you can imagine. As someone who has dozens of similar slip dresses, trust me when I say this is one of those situations where the investment is simply worth it. The fit, fabric, and design are just unmatched and although $199 is steep, I think I’ve spent more than that in total on the 10-plus poorly-fitting, rarely-worn slip dresses in my closet. 

Head to Lilysilk to shop the Silk Chemise in navy, white, or teal. And if you’d like to experiment with the trend before spending hundreds of dollars, below are some similar but more affordable options. 

Ekouaer Sleepwear Silky Lingerie Nightgown

Shop now: $18 (Originally $22);

Cider Curve & Plus Solid Satin Cowl Neck Cami Mini Dress

Shop now: $18;

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