Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

By Kelly Bryant
May 31, 2016 @ 6:15 am

If you don’t already know fashion and beauty blogger Cailey Darling, it’s time to get acquainted. The 27-year-old body positivity champion just fired back at internet trolls who decided it was their obligation to spread a slew of negativity after Darling posted an image of herself modeling a swimsuit.

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Darling, who shared that she’s a size 28 in the photo’s caption, posed in a Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy monokini while looking all sorts of confident and gorgeous. But, naturally, that’s all it took to incite complete strangers to spew hateful comments that incorporated all sorts of troll fodder, like how they feel Darling should cover up, is sending an unhealthy message to women that being fat is OK (the horror!), and that she must lead the most unhealthiest of lifestyles. Keep in mind, none of these people know the Colorado-based blogger personally, none are her doctor, and none actually know how she lives her life.

Once I started actively trying not to judge others based on appearances, I slowly started to see beauty in the people around me. Soon enough, I could look at a body like mine and see beauty where society told me I wouldn't find it. It took a long time to apply those concepts to my own body. It started with letting go of judgement of others. I hope you notice in my arguments that I try very hard not to bring appearances into an argument because I believe if you're making fun of someone's weight, clothes, teeth, makeup, hair, etc., then you have run out of material and you do not have anything to argue about anymore. If you're bringing someone down for appearances during an argument, then you've lost the argument. To put it plainly, I do not condone any body shaming at all, ever, even if it is to defend me. If you shame someone's appearance in response to them shaming mine, then you're not on my side. That isn't to say I don't defend myself. I do. I will continue to do so, because I learned to defend myself in real life by watching other fat women stand up for themselves in arguments online. It seems small, but I've gotten dozens of messages thanking me for actually responding because it helps them learn to defend themselves against their own bullying. I will attack their logic, opinions, poopy personality, rudeness, nastiness, self-loathing, or hatred, but never their appearance. I am here to change minds about bodies, not to shame any other types of bodies.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on

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Fed up with the negativity but unwilling to sink to their level, Darling returned to Instagram with a very eloquent dose of shut-the-hell-up.

lumps on lumps on lumps. The @gabifresh X @swimsuitsforall The Sovereign Suit. ✨👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨ 👙✨👙✨👙✨👙✨. I hope seeing someone fat and happy and still standing after hundreds of hateful comments and messages can help someone in their own journey to loving themselves and shedding other people's opinions of them. 🔹🔹🔹 Trolls can go ahead and see I've posted myself in this suit three times before and your hatred for my body or my health for whatever reason will not keep me from posting, wearing the suit, eating, or living my life unapologetically so your comment does nothing but waste your time. I mean go ahead and make fun of me though, because I am sure if instagram had a cap on how many people you can block, I would have met it by now.

A photo posted by Cailey Darling•YT: Such Pretty (@darlingiknow) on

You see, she’s happy with herself, she loves that swimsuit, and while she’s not here for anyone’s jerky comments, Darling is also happy to use this as a teachable moment for the haters of the world. Seriously, has no one else heard the phrase If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all?

It would be so incredible if everyone had the same kind of body pos attitude, confidence, and self-love that Darling exudes. If her message impacts just a few people, that’s a job well done.