I’ve Always Had Raccoon-Like Dark Circles, but These Eye Patches Make Them Disappear In 10 Minutes

They’re made with brightening and firming ingredients like collagen and caffeine.

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Pixi Eye Masks Review

I’ve been blessed with what can only be considered raccoon-like dark circles under my eyes since my teenage years. As the day progresses, they tend to darken even further, so by night’s end, it frequently looks like I have two black eyes. Getting eight hours of sleep or staying hydrated doesn’t keep them at bay. I’ve tried seemingly every eye cream and patch on the market — anything that might at least diminish them slightly — to no avail. Until I discovered Pixi Beauty’s FortifEye Toning Eye Patches, that is.

I’m a sucker for good packaging, and these under-eye patches have that in spades. For starters, the jar includes a miniature spatula to help lift the patches out. (It’s seriously adorable.) The patches are also surprisingly sparkly thanks to specks of shimmer and gold glitter. If I’m being honest, the first time I applied these, I didn’t expect them to do much. Based on my experience of trying so many eye products that didn’t work, I thought this would be similar in this situation. However, I was completely wrong; these eye patches made my under-eye circles virtually disappear in just 10 minutes after my first use.

Pixi FortifEYE Firming Eye Patches


Shop now: $24; ulta.com

I figured this had to be a fluke, so I tried them again a few days later when my dark circles were at their height. Again, they disappeared in 10 minutes. I’ve gone through about half my tub of 30 pairs at this point, and they’ve worked their magic every single time. They’re saturated with a host of ingredients to rejuvenate, replenish, and revive the under-eye area, including plant-derived collagen (made with acacia) to help smooth and plump the skin, peptides to tone, and caffeine for a brightening boost. 

DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches Before & After

InStyle / Jamie Allison Sanders

Unlike other eye patches I’ve tried that are so drenched they tend to slip down my face, these are hefty enough to stay in place while somehow still feeling weightless. The super cooling hydrogel has a similar feel to cucumber slices, so the 10 minutes I spend wearing them are utterly delightful. I like to apply them post-shower, letting them multitask while I brush my teeth and get dressed. Reviewers across the internet all agreed that these eye patches are worth their weight in gold flecks — shoppers said they made tired eyes look “smoother, “fresh,” and “glowy.”

The Pixi Beauty FortifEye Toning Eye Patches have become a staple in my skincare routine — I can’t imagine not using them at least once a week. At $24 for 30 pairs, they’re an incredible value, too. See the difference for yourself and grab a tub at Ulta.

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