How to Dress Like a Pisces, According to an Astrologer

Start with these 11 outfit ideas.

Pisces Outfits

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Known for their tender hearts, intuition, and imagination, Pisces tend to choose clothes that speak to the sign's dreamy spirit. In other words, great Pisces outfits consist of bohemian styles that show off their soulful nature, such as flowy dresses and floral prints, but at the same time, includes items that are playful and bold, leaning into aesthetics like balletcore and Barbiecore (Barbie herself is a Pisces, according to her birthdate).

The transcendent fish doesn't shy away from lush fabrics in every color variation (think boho icons Erykah Badu and Drew Barrymore), but when they're trying to dress more low-key, a Breton striped top and jeans will do the trick. Olivia Wilde (who is a Pisces) is a fan of this classic combo, while fellow Pisces queen Rihanna is also serves up plenty of outfit inspiration for those born between Feb. 19 and March 10, stepping out in vibrant colors and magical prints. Plus, if you're looking for a great date night look, you might want to channel Dakota Fanning's style, choosing ethereal chiffon and taffeta designs.

There's no right or wrong way to put together a Pisces outfit because this fish makes up their own rules. They'll mismatch prints, wear eveningwear in during the daytime, and have an overall glamorous approach to fashion. That's because this mutable water sign is the artist of the zodiac and has a unique sense of style. However, if you're hoping to come up with something fun to wear that speaks to your true self, here are a few Pisces outfit ideas, ahead.

A Flowy Dress

Pisces Outfits - Flowy Dress

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Flowy dresses are key for Pisces. After all, they need something to wear that gives them flexibility in movement. 

A Striped Top

Pisces Outfits - Striped Top

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A nautical top will remind Pieces of their favorite place on earth: the sea. Pisces will opt to wear it whenever they are longing for comfort. 


Pisces Outfits - Balletcore

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A ballet wrap top or tulle skirt will remind Pisces of their delicate and beautiful soul, as well as their romantic and artistic sentiments.

A Vegan Leather Blazer

Pisces Outfits - Leather Blazer

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A boho-inspired leather blazer will keep Pierces warm all winter long (especially if they add plenty of layers to the look).

Daytime Sequins

Pisces Outfits - Daytime Sequins

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Pisces are very glamorous. They like to dress up whenever given the chance, which is why a sequin bodysuit, skirt, or shiny pants make for an ideal daytime outfit, too.


Pisces Outfits - Florals

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The beauty is in the details for Pisces, who tend to overlook them. All the more reason for those under this sign to embrace the softness and triviality of spring floral prints.

Eyelet Designs 

Pisces Outfits - Eyelet

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Pisces have innocence to them and eyelet fabric captures that same sweet vibe. An eyelet dress or skirt is the perfect Pisces outfit when this sign is looking for some simplicity in their lives.

Crochet Items 

Pisces Outfits - Crochet

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Crochet pieces make up the perfect Pisces outfit to wear when relaxing at the beach. They’ll fall in love with the net-like nature — which is on-theme all around!

Bright Pants 

Pisces Outfits - Colorful Pants

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Pants in a cool shade of purple (or any color) will brighten up their days. If you're hoping for some positive vibes, pull on a bold pair.

A Breezy Skirt 

Pisces Outfits - Skirt

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A silk or satin slip skirt is a reference to the mermaid tail that Pisces wish they had in real life. It represents this sign's spiritual energy.


Pisces Outfits - Barbiecore

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Barbie is a Pisces, so go ahead and lean into the vibe! Embrace your fantasies — the more elegant, extravagant, and pinker, the better!

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