Pink Remembers Being Told That Having Kids Would End Her Career

“I think that’s when my career began.”

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Pink is getting candid about the realities of wanting to start a family as a woman in the music industry. When chatting with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, the singer opened up about the backlash she faced after voicing her desire to have children back in the early 2010s. 

“Everyone told me, 'If you have children right now, your career's over,’” the performer, who shares two children with husband Carey Hart, recalled. 

On the contrary, Pink then explained that having children actually allowed her career to take on a whole new life, as it gave her the chance to share different, softer sides of herself with the world. 

“Obviously, we're all much more complex than any of that, but when I had a child, I think it softened me to the world, the part that didn't understand me," she shared. "And I think that's when my career began, really. I mean, I did a lot of stuff before that, but really, truly, I think it's when I started to really understand myself and understand the world and my place in it.”

The singer also touched on how her own family dynamic growing up strengthened her desire for the family experience, adding, “Having a family was really important to me because my family life was screwed as a kid, and I'm super affectionate and cuddly and goofy. Just doing music wasn't enough for me.”

She continued, “I was lonely. I was so lonely. It's a very lonely business. I really wanted to have a family, and it was just as important to me as ambition because I didn't want it, if it's just ... if this is the carrot, I've eaten it. I'm still hungry. I'm hungry. I'm empty.”

“I love writing songs. I love singing songs. I love performing. Sitting with a guitar is one of my favorite things I'll ever do, but cuddling with my babies and taking them camping and being dirty for three days is also one of the coolest things I'll ever do,” she concluded.

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