A Makeup-Friendly Acne Dot Finally Exists, and It’s the Solution to Hiding Blemishes Under Foundation

Peace Out’s new product is nearly invisible.

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peace out under makeup patches review


Acne dots, pimple patches, zit stickers — whatever you call them — were life-changing for me. Finally, there was a way to heal a zit so that it’s out of sight, out of mind, while also making it physically impossible for me to pick at my skin, worsening the issue.

Ever since I first tried pimple patches, I’ve begged the universe for a version I could wear under makeup. I was ready to make a Rumpelstiltskin type of deal for an inconspicuous, under-makeup pimple patch, but luckily, that’s no longer necessary. Today, Peace Out launches its Acne Day Dots, which are a much thinner, more sheer, makeup-friendly version of the brand’s best-selling and shopper-loved original, the Acne Healing Patches

The Acne Day Dots rely on the same salicylic acid formula in the hydrocolloid polymer material that penetrates and clears up blemishes, while pulling gunk out of pores. I spent a week testing out these patches, and the TL;DR is that while these are not invisible, they are pretty subtle and the most inconspicuous option on the market. I will continue to use these when I need to heal a zit while out and about, with or without makeup.  

Peace Out Under Makeup Patches

Peace Out Skincare

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When I apply a normal acne dot, I clean the area around the pimple (usually with a Starface cleansing cotton swab), peel off a patch, and apply it to my face. The Acne Day Dots are thinner and more fragile, and must be treated as such. 

After sterilizing my blemish, I followed the instructions and used tweezers to grip the dot on the top and bottom, making sure to avoid the sides before applying it. At best, the Day Dot is literally imperceptible; in certain lighting, I can’t even locate it on my face. At worst, it’s a barely noticeable, flat-and-clear little circle. 

It works as well under makeup as it does on a bare face. Foundation sits pretty seamlessly and effortlessly on top of the Acne Day Dot. It’s not invisible, but I find it to be less distracting and taunting than trying to apply makeup over the peaks of active blemishes. 

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