Shoppers With Mature Skin Say This Exfoliating Toner Is So Effective, They "Won't Use Any Others"

The gentle toner gives one person a "beautiful glow."

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Shoppers in Their 50s Say This Gentle, Exfoliating Toner Is So Effective, They "Won't Use Any Others"

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Though they’re often associated with dry, tight skin and harsh astringents, toners can, in fact, boost your skincare routine for the better. The watery formulas can “prep, hydrate, and nourish the skin,” Hallie Font, director of aesthetics at Hi, skin, previously told InStyle, when applied “after cleansing and before…serums and moisturizer.” One such formula, the PCA Skin Nutrient Face Toner, also reveals more radiant, youthful-looking skin.

PCA SKIN Nutrient Face Toner


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The PCA Skin Nutrient Face Toner is a water-light formula that preps skin for ensuing products, delivers nutrients, and brightens skin over time. Devoid of skin-drying ingredients commonly associated with toners, including alcohol and fragrance, the formula is gentle enough for daily use and ideal for anyone who wants glowing skin. The toner works for all skin types, including acne-prone, making it an anti-aging, brightening addition to virtually any skincare routine.

The star ingredient is lactic acid, a chemical exfoliator and alpha hydroxy acid. Though some acids can irritate sensitive skin, "lactic acid is [ideal for] sensitive skin because it is a mild exfoliant,” dermatologist Dr. Michele Green previously told InStyle, “which will not disrupt the pH of the skin or cause redness and irritation.” 

In addition to lactic acid, which helps increase cell turnover by sloughing off dead, dull skin, much of the toner’s complexion-enhancing power comes from pumpkin; specifically, pumpkin ferment, which contains skin-brightening vitamin C and line-fighting vitamin A

More than 1,200 shoppers have given this toner a five-star review, and a quick scan through the reviews will reveal exactly why it has such a large fanbase. A 50-year-old shopper, whose esthetician recommended the toner, loves it so much, they “won’t use any other.” Another reviewer with mature skin says it instills the “beautiful glow of [their] youth,” adding that they receive compliments on their skin every time they use the product.

To give your skincare routine an anti-aging, glow-enhancing boost, shop the PCA Skin Nutrient Face Toner for $46 at Amazon. 

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