We Put Pat McGrath's Highly-Anticipated New Bronzers to the Test

Here's how Skin Fetish: The Divine Bronzer looks on three different skintones.

PAT MCGRATH New Bronzers Review

Courtesy of Ondine Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Noble, Madeline Hirsch

Pat McGrath's iconic makeup collection has always had our makeup needs covered — for the most part, at least. However, among the shimmering shadows, graphic liners, and luxe foundations, there was one thing notably missing: bronzers. For years, fans have wondered if the makeup legend would drop the one product we need to get that quintessential summer glow. Thankfully, McGrath finally answered that plea in her newest launch, the Skin Fetish: The Divine Bronzer.

The Divine Bronzer is a micro-velvet powder with translucent and soft focus pigment that has buildable coverage and blends seamlessly into the skin to give you that natural-looking glow. Even for the makeup novice, these bronzers are pretty easy to use, so it's simple to get that soft, diffused line that mimics how the sun would naturally light up your skin.

The new drop comes in eight shades — Naked Desire, Nude Honey, Bronze Dawn, Bronze Nirvana, Desert Glow, Bronze Divinity, Burnished Honey, and Bronze Mahogany — that are made to suit all skin tones and undertones. The powder absorbs excess oil to give you a partly matte finish for your sculpting need. If you want that added shine, don't worry: one of the bronzers has a pearly shimmer finish.

Pat doesn't ever miss with her launches. But, if you're curious to see how the bronzers look IRL and — most importantly — on different skin tones, you've come to the right place. Below are three editor's unfiltered and honest reviews of the newest launch. Read on to see what they had to say.

PAT MCGRATH New Bronzers Review

Courtesy of Audrey Noble

I've never been the biggest fan of powder bronzers; they either go on too light or too pigmented. But leave it to Pat McGrath to change my mind — the Divine Bronzer is not one to miss. Using the shade Desert Glow (a warm tan bronze with sparkling golden pearl shimmer because I like to shimmer), I instantly added definition to my cheekbones and gave myself that "I-just-got-back-from-a-week-long-vacay-from-Saint-Tropez" glow on my light-medium skin with a few swipes. As an added bonus, the shimmer catches the light just right to give me a subtle highlight. I'll be using this non-stop in the spring and summer. — Audrey Noble, Beauty Editor

PAT MCGRATH New Bronzers Review

Courtesy of Ondine Jean-Baptiste

As someone who always thought her skin was too dark for bronzer, I am seriously impressed with Pat McGrath Labs's Divine Bronzer. The Bronze Divinity shade was a warm complement to my magenta-hued blush and I found it not only easy to build but effortlessly blendable with a contour brush. After a couple of swipes, I had a natural-looking contour before heading out for the night with my friends. — Ondine Jean-Baptiste, Assistant Social Media Editor

PAT MCGRATH New Bronzers Review

Courtesy of Madeline Hirsch

My skin is relatively fair with neutral undertones, so bronzers have a tendency to read a little orange (or too intense altogether) on me. This shade, Naked Desire, manages to avoid the “Is that dirt on your face?” look that makes me avoid the bronzer category altogether. Plus, I was able to give myself a soft sculpt without a ton of effort thanks to Pat McGrath’s stellar Divine Fetish formula—do yourself a favor and try the blush version ASAP, too. It brushes on with a subtle wash of color that’s easily buildable. I’d call the finish a creamy matte: not completely flat, but not a ton of shine, either. All in all, this Pat McGrath formula might just make me a bronzer girl yet. — Madeline Hirsch, News Director

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