Paramount Dropped Its First Teaser for 'Fatal Attraction' With Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan

This is definitely not the Pacey you know and love.

Fatal Attraction on Paramount Plus

Monty Brinton/Paramount+

Fatal Attraction, the classic Michael Douglas and Glenn Close thriller is getting an update. While the super-sexy '80s film is beloved by film buffs and critics alike, Paramount+ is reimagining it and shared the first teaser trailer for the series, which stars Dawson's Creek alum Joshua Jackson and Mean Girls's Lizzy Caplan. Even though the preview is very short, there's already plenty of sexual tension as Jackson, who plays Dan Gallagher, and Caplan, who nabbed the role of Alex Forrest, are in an elevator together.

"Have you ever pushed that red button?" Forrest asks Gallagher during what can be assumed is their first encounter. She inches closer to him as she continues, saying, "So. what do you think would happen? Nothing? Or, something?" 

And while the eroticism is pretty high, the trailer cuts to more relaxed and romantic moments between the two, until the audience is introduced to Dan's wife, Beth (played by Amanda Peet). And then the mic drops: Alex is introduced to Dan while the trio is at home and she says, "I know him already."

Fatal Attraction on Paramount Plus

Michael Moriatis/Paramount+

People notes that the show will follow the plot points of the Glenn Close film, where Anne Archer played Beth to complete the love triangle that fans have come to know. Fatal Attraction arrives on Paramount+ on April 30, with a new episode dropping every Sunday night.

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