Pamela Anderson Said the 'Pam & Tommy' Series "Gives Her Nightmares"

"I have no desire to watch it."

Pamela Anderson 2022 Chicago Photo Call

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Pamela Anderson is getting candid about the effect that Hulu's hit series Pam & Tommy has had on her. In her new Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, Anderson recalls the moment her sons, Dylan and Brandon, learned about the "TV show coming out about [their] parents and the stolen tape." 

"It really gives me nightmares," she said of the Emmy-nominated series, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan. "I have no desire to watch it. I never watched the tape, I'm never going to watch this."

During the film, the Baywatch star spoke about the infamous video (footage from her marriage to musician Tommy Lee), which was stolen by a construction crew member working on their house at the time and later sold. "What they did is they found all the nudity they could from different Hi8 tapes, and they spliced it together," Anderson said, adding that the couple "didn't make a sex tape." 

Elsewhere in Netflix's documentary, Dylan questioned why someone would make a show about his mother's trauma. "Why bring something up from 20 years ago that you know fucked someone up?" he said. "The worst part of her life and making a semi-comedy out of it didn't make sense."

Anderson later explained that she wished the series had received her permission before moving ahead with the project. "Nobody really knows what we were going through at the time," she said.

"I blocked that out of my life. I had to in order to survive, really," Anderson added. "It was a survival mechanism. And now that it's all coming up again, I feel sick ... My stomach feels right now like it's just been punched. I don't feel good right now."

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