Pamela Anderson Gets Honest in the New Trailer for Her Netflix Documentary

"I wanna take control of the narrative for the first time."

Pamela Anderson is showing her unfiltered side in the new trailer for her upcoming Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story. In the sneak peek obtained by People, viewers get a look into the icon's life, including the sex tape controversy which served as the inspiration for the Hulu show Pam & Tommy.

Netflix Released the Raw Trailer for Pamela Anderon's Upcoming Documentary


"I wanna take control of the narrative for the first time," Anderson said in a voiceover during the trailer, which is set to a slowed-down version of the Cardigans's hit song, "Lovefool." "I had to make a career out of the pieces left, but I'm not the damsel in distress," she said. "I put myself in crazy situations ... and survived them."

"I don't care what people think, 'cause it's the only choice I had," she added elsewhere in the clip as old footage of the star appeared on the screen. "If I cared what people think, I wouldn't be here."

The documentary's director, Ryan White, told People about the part Anderson played in creating the documentary. "She's telling her story in her own words, finally, but she also doesn't know which archival videos and personal diaries will be used in the final film," White said. "She gave us carte blanche to use the archival [footage for] how we thought best told the story. It's a sign of how authentically Pamela has lived her life. She owns every part of her life — the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's an incredibly vulnerable but brave way to live."

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