I’m a Candle Snob, and I Can’t Get Enough of This Limited-Edition Scent That’s Reminiscent of the 90s

You can’t go wrong with an Otherland candle.

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Otherland Limited-Edition Candle Reminiscent of the 90s

A decade ago, I bought a Nars Candle from Bloomingdales and it ruined run-of-the-mill candles for me. The $50 candle was first and foremost sleek and beautiful — the black wax was housed in a matte black cup with “NARS” embossed across it in black gloss. It burned slowly and evenly and the light notes of coffee and vanilla dispersed faintly.

After that, most candles felt overwhelming and suffocating, like in the “Dinner Party” episode of The Office where Jim struggles to breathe in Jan’s candle workshop. The Nars candle has, however, been discontinued and many of my other favorites are $90 or more (which should be illegal). But my caviar taste has found a new winner in Otherland’s Dreamlight Candle, which smells like the ‘90s and the unaware bliss and innocence of childhood. 

The nostalgia is intentional — Dreamlight is one of three candles comprising the brand’s limited-edition Carefree ‘90s collection. The entire collection is divine, and if it’s in your budget, I honestly recommend splurging for the $89 three-pack, which saves you about $19. Dreamlight, however, is the star of the show. It smells like Gap Dream (IYKYK) and Versace Blue Jeans

Carefree 90s DREAMLIGHT


Shop now: $36; otherland.com

Some of my favorite things about this candle are things inherent to all Otherland products — it changes the way I think of certain fragrance notes. I have never cared for a strawberry-scented beauty product in my life, but in Glosspop the scent is subtle and fruity without being overwhelmingly sweet. Dreamlight is a combination of florals and citrus, but you don’t smell every ingredient separately, you smell the final concoction — think of it as the difference between eating individual ingredients and a cooked meal. 

There are pluses beside the scent: The candles last forever, the wax melts down evenly, and the wick doesn’t make me nervous that I’ll burn the house down. The packaging and art are innovative and cute, making you want to repurpose the jar if you ever burn through the entire candle. 

Scent is very transformative and though all Otherland candles I’ve tried are divine, Dreamlight is a chic, grownup take on ‘90s nostalgia that makes my inner child beam with happiness. Head to Otherland to shop the Carefree ‘90s candle(s)

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