This $13 Basecoat Enhances and Conceals My Natural Nails So Well, I Skip Polish Altogether

It’s a dupe for a product twice as expensive.

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This Base Coat is so Flattering and Concealing, I Wear it on Bare Nails

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My experimentation with regular nail polish has been great. It’s opened up a whole new world of products and possibilities, which is very rare for someone like me who tests hundreds of products a month. I have been painting my nails with any and every nail concealer, shimmer polish, and top coat imaginable, but few products have stood out from the dozens, one of which is Orly’s Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

I first used the Orly Basecoat under a thick layer of very glittery and long-lasting KBShimmer nail polish. I applied it and my bare nails were instantly saturated in a light pink tint. They looked healthy, strong, and vibrant. I liked the effect so much that I considered skipping the nail polish and leaving my nails exposed. I ventured forward, using the glitter nail polish. I was surprised when it stuck to my nails suspiciously well, which had to be, in part, thanks to this base coat. 

Orly Bonder


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When I removed my last manicure, I went for bare nails with nothing but Orly’s Basecoat; I was entranced, but also hit with a wave of nostalgia. It reminds me of Dior’s Nail Glow, a sheer, natural nail-enhancing treatment — but for less than half the price. 

Orly’s Rubberized Basecoat takes mere seconds to dry, neutralizes the yellowness and discoloration of my nails, and imparts a vivacious pink hue. It also coated my nails in a thin, resin-like material that almost completely camouflaged ridges and imperfections while creating a super glossy finish. 

There are other great nail concealers and perfecting products, but Orly’s Rubberized Basecoat stands out: It works great on its own, but is super effective under nail polish, too. Rubber is really the best description for it, because when any regular nail polish is painted on top, it feels like it’s being gripped very tightly and lasts for much longer than it would otherwise. 

Head to Ulta shop Orly’s game-changing Rubberized Basecoat for just $13 at Ulta. 

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