My 56-Year-Old Mom and 76-Year-Old Grandma Have Been Using This $8 Hydrating Face Cream Since the ‘90s

They credit it for their “soft and hydrated” skin.

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My mother recently celebrated her 56th birthday, which meant  grandmother was over making her famous peach cobbler. And while they basked in the baked dish's aroma, I admired how beautiful they both were. My grandmother is 76 but could easily pass for 20 years younger, and my mother often gets asked if she's in her late 30s. I only hope that at their age, all the retinol and anti-aging serums I use allow me to age as gracefully (though I do have their genes working in my favor). But when I pressed them for their best secrets, they revealed they’ve been restocking jars of Olay Active Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer since the early ‘90s.

Olay's creamy moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration that replenishes and restores a smooth complexion. It provides up to 48 hours of moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to ingredients like glycerin, which keeps skin super moisturized and is safe for sensitive complexions. Its non-greasy formula allows the skin to retain moisture while soothing and nourishing dry areas without clogging pores, revealing soft, refreshed, and healthy-looking skin. The kicker? It’s only $8 on Amazon.

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My mother and grandmother are simple women when it comes to their skincare routine, which is completed in four easy steps. They start with a gentle cleanser, apply their trusted eye cream, an age-fighting retinol, and seal it all in with Olay’s Active Hydrating Cream. My mom describes the moisturizer as "lightweight and fast absorbing" and that it "makes her foundation application flawless since her skin is so silky smooth." My grandmother shared the sentiment, saying that the cream has kept her “fine lines and wrinkles at bay," all while leaving her face "glowing and hydrated all day." She continued that since she switched to the moisturizer in the '80s, she hasn't had any irritation or flare-ups, which she said was a huge issue when trying to find the perfect face cream. 

For over 30 years, my mother and grandmother have remained loyal to this Olay cream, and many Amazon shoppers shared similar stories that this moisturizer has stuck with them for years. One reviewer shared how she remembers her mother wearing the cream in the ‘80s and how her "mom's skin [was] so soft." She went on to say that at 44-years-old, she's been using the cream for three decades, raving that it "goes on smooth” and leaves “a tingling fresh feel." Another shopper said her "skin has never looked better" thanks to the cream. “I have extremely sensitive skin, and this did not cause any irritation, in fact, I think it is soothing when my skin is irritated (from waxing, plucking, or whatever),” they wrote. And like me, this shopper grew up watching their mother and grandmother use this face cream, and now they use it every night before bed, too.

Olay's Active Hydrating Cream Face Moisturizer is mom and grandma-approved for silky smooth skin, and you can get it for just $8 on Amazon.

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