Olaplex Just Launched Its First-Ever Lash Growth Serum, and Users Saw “Visible” Results in 2 Weeks

It's been dubbed a "holy grail" for short, damaged lashes.

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Olaplex Lash Growth Serum Launch

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Like thousands of other shoppers, Olaplex was the first haircare brand I ever invested in, and it’s completely changed the way I tend to my mane. To all my fellow fans, I have exciting news: The same hair-strengthening ingredients that made the line’s serums, shampoos, and styling sprays famous has been bottled up into a product taking on a whole new category: Lash care. 

Like the strands on our heads, eyelashes are thinned and shortened by physical damage. While your curlers, mascara, and extensions are the main culprits, even just rubbing your eyes can pull out and weaken the delicate hairs. With this in mind, the Olaplex Lashbond Building System incorporates extremely nourishing ingredients in order to rebuild strength and fullness. The brand’s patented bond building technology, a key component of all its best-sellers, repairs broken bonds that make up your hair’s structure. Peptides further fortify your lashes by increasing cell turnover while hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws water into cells, hydrates the hairs, preventing brittleness. Unlike other lash serums, the resulting formula is extra-gentle on the sensitive area and causes no discoloration on your skin or irises.

Olaplex Lashbond


Shop now: $68; ulta.com and sephora.com

The serum just launched today, but reviewers with early access are already raving about the results. “I have been using it for less than 2 weeks and my lashes already look so much longer and fuller,” wrote one user who called it a “game changer” for their thinned-out lash line. Another fan with naturally short eyelashes wrote that they’re now “visibly” fuller. “I’ve tried many different things to grow them but this has by far worked the best,” they added. A third person with years of damage from extensions dubbed the product a “holy grail” after noticing enhanced length and strength. 

Like every Olaplex launch, this brand-new product  is sure to cause a buzz amongst beauty lovers. Be among the first to snatch a bottle for $68 at Ulta or Sephora before it sells out. 

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