After This Month's New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Your Relationships May Never Be the Same

Read on for how your zodiac sign should prepare for one of the biggest astrological events of the year.

This Month's Full Moon Is a Fiery Wake-Up Call

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On October 23, the sun shifts into the fixed water sign, ushering in Scorpio season, a time of year that’s as tailored to bolstering our closest relationships as it is spooky, enchanting, ethereal, and even, at times, unnerving. That’s because the eighth sign — co-ruled by Mars, the planet of action, sex, strength, and courage, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, power, and rebirth — is one of the most intense and mysterious members of the zodiac. Innately comfortable with deep emotional terrain, Scorps have no interest in doing — or feeling — anything halfway. And that’s certainly a message you’ll want to bear in mind as we move toward the third eclipse of the year and first of this fall’s eclipse season.

Scorpio’s need to connect on a complex, meaningful level and gain control is at the crux of this lunar event, which falls on Tuesday, October 25 at 6:49 a.m. ET/3:49 a.m. PT. With the moon tightly conjunct Venus, the planet of love, money, and values, it’s a game-changing moment that could set a dramatic new precedent within your most intimate relationships.

The new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio merges power and intimacy.

New moons — which happen when the confident sun pairs up with the security-seeking moon — generally offer the chance to gain clarity around a new chapter you want to write over the course of the next two weeks (up until the next full moon) and next six months (when the corresponding full moon occurs). And when a new moon is accompanied by a solar eclipse — which happens when the moon casts a shadow on the sun — the intensity of the moment can feel practically off-the-charts. Emotions run high, and your actions might feel like they carry even more weight than usual, because it feels like you're on the brink of a whole new chapter.

For a sense of how this eclipse could feel, you’ll want to think back to the last two: one on April 30 in Taurus and another on May 15-16 (depending on your time zone) in Scorpio. Because both are fixed signs, they’re far more resistant to the kind of wildly unpredictable change that eclipses inevitably bring, and that resistance was likely on display this spring. It’ll be present and accounted for once more this fall during this eclipse and the following — a lunar eclipse in Taurus — on November 8. 

Still, this is a new moon and solar eclipse, which means fresh starts could abound. And because Scorpio is co-ruled by ambitious Mars and control-seeking Pluto, the water sign appreciates any opportunity to pursue ambitious goals, so you could feel particularly motivated to step into your power — particularly within Scorpionic areas of life, such as intimate bonds and shared financial endeavors.

The moon’s conjunction to Venus, the planet of love, emphasizes getting to the bottom of relationship issues.

With the moon falling at 2 degrees Scorpio, it’ll form a super-cozy conjunction with relationship-oriented Venus, which, at the time of this major astro event, will be — get this — also at 2 degrees Scorpio. It bears noting that Venus is considered one of the benefic planets in astrology, meaning it generally offers a supportive, fortunate effect. But eclipse energy is incredibly intense, and Venus isn’t exactly the happiest in Scorpio (it’s considered to be in its detriment and therefore weakened in the sign), so it’s probably best not to assume that it’ll serve to smooth over any rockiness that reveals itself now. 

Instead, the sun and the moon and Venus all chilling together in investigative, surface-loathing Scorpio ask you to root out and shed light on underlying tensions within our closest relationships. While doing this might be a little (or perhaps a lot) uncomfortable, making a concerted effort to embrace vulnerability is rewarded now, and could ultimately translate to greater harmony (which is pretty much a major goal whenever Venus is involved).

As the only planet truly connecting with the new moon, Venus — and its themes — feature brightly now. The planet of pleasure and comfort also spotlights reflection around values. You could be nudged to be more considerate of a loved one’s values just as much as you’re compelled now to reconnect with your own values. 

Eclipses also have a way of highlighting what’s “off” and needs to change, and Scorpio is supremely comfortable with the dark side of life. So don’t be surprised if skeletons in the closet — yours or a partner, friend, colleague’s — are exposed now. Self-destructive, obsessive tendencies, habits, or patterns might also come to light. Thanks to Venus’ involvement, you can address the issue at hand by fostering self-love and leaning on loved ones.

Mercury and Mars fuel your ability to turn words into action.

On the day of the new moon and solar eclipse, Mercury, plowing ahead in social Libra, will be heading toward a sweet trine to Mars in communicative, curious Gemini, a connection that completes on October 26. This combo can make it easier to express your desires — maybe through conversation with a loved one or therapist, or writing or meditation — and then take steps to manifest your vision.

Here, how this Scorpio eclipse and new moon will affect you, based on your sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign, if you know it. If you don't, you can find it on your natal chart or via this CafeAstrology calculator.)


With the new moon and solar eclipse falling in your eighth house of emotional bonds, your emotions are ratcheted up to the nth degree, which could bolster your desire to step away from a toxic bond or seal the deal on a connection that feels right intuitively.


The solar eclipse and new moon falls in your seventh house of partnership, bringing your focus to your one-on-one connections — romantic, platonic, and professional. You can’t help but reflect on how you’re meeting your own needs within these bonds, and if it’s time to make embrace change to boost reciprocity, this is your moment. 


With the solar eclipse and new moon falling in your sixth house of daily routine and wellness, it could be time to accept that you need more work-life balance, and you can’t keep grinding the way you have been. A characteristically open minded, curious approach to overhauling your hustle serves you well now.


Falling in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, this new moon and solar eclipse can amplify your desire to own your voice and say exactly how you feel in your relationships. With Mercury and Mars harmonizing from your fourth house of home life and twelfth house of spirituality, inner work may lead to better trusting your intuition. 


The new moon and solar eclipse hits your fourth house of home life, turning your mind toward your roots and inner, domestic life. Changes related to your living situation and familial bonds might not be the most comfortable now, to be sure, but they can ultimately support your sense of security. 


This new moon and solar eclipse lights up your third house of communication, making this a moment in which your social life will be in hyperfocus. You might decide it’s time to satisfy an ongoing surge of curiosity by learning something new — or moving past friendships and allegiances that are no longer in sync with your sense of self.


With the new moon and solar eclipse falling in your second house of income, big changes could be on the horizon for how you’re earning. Your ruler, Venus, is front and center now, encouraging you to ensure moneymaking efforts are in line with your values. 


With the new moon and solar eclipse falling in your first house of self, it could be time to get real about your long-term personal goals — and to step away from relationships and self-limiting narratives that are holding you back. As as a fixed creature of habit, this might sound less than ideal, but finding a way to let go of the past might just be what it takes to propel you toward the future of your dreams.


With the new moon and solar eclipse in your twelfth house of spirituality, your intuition could be particularly sharp now, setting you up for brilliant realizations about the seeds you should plant now in order to later reap the rewards you’ve been envisioning. 


The new moon and solar eclipse falls in your eleventh house of friendship, and you might be offered a compelling opportunity to kick off an ambitious team effort. Leading the charge is your forte, but working with others could prove even more satisfying, offering you a valuable sense of connection. 


Falling in your tenth house of career, this new moon and solar eclipse is a chance to reassess big picture dreams and your plan for making them a reality. You tend to dig your heels in and stick it out on the path you’ve chosen, even if it’s not quite working, and this lunar event is all about taking stock of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and if it’s time to choose a new road to get there. 


This month's new moon and solar eclipse lands in your ninth house of adventure, requiring you to take a leap of faith for the sake of personal growth. An opportunity to broaden your horizons might feel out of your comfort zone, but trust that you can handle it — and it’ll be well worth any temporary nervousness. 

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