The Brand Behind Amazon’s Best-Selling Hair-Growth Supplement Makes a Serum Shoppers Call “Unbelievable”

Users saw “a ton of new growth” after just three months.

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The Brand Behind Amazon’s Best-Selling Hair-Growth Supplement Makes a Serum That Shoppers Call “Unbelievable”

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Anyone noticing balding patches might be tempted to splurge on a fancy serum promising fast results. However, considering the enormous amount of products on the market to choose from, it can be hard to tell what’s actually effective. No one formula will work for everyone, as hair loss can be triggered by a range of underlying causes. However, looking into well-known brands shoppers trust is a good place to start. 

Take Nutrafol, for instance. The brand’s famous hair growth supplement has thousands of perfect ratings on Amazon, and has won approval among doctors and even stars like Alyssa Milano and Bethenny Frankel. Suffice to say, the hair care line gets that thinning scalps are a struggle for many, which is why it created more products targeted to the issue, like the Hair Growth Activator. Similar to the aforementioned supplement, Nutrafol’s serum includes ashwagandha, which prevents shedding by fighting inflammation. The formula also contains exfoliating lactic acid, hydrating glycerin, and breakage-fighting amino acids, all of which strengthen your existing strands and create a healthy environment for new growth. 

Nutrafol Hair Growth Activator


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Most importantly, users report seeing noticeable and lasting results. One reviewer called their regrowth “unbelievable“ after six months of consistent use. “My hair is longer than it has ever been before,” wrote a 60-year-old shopper who saw “excellent” results after using this serum in tandem with Nutrafol’s supplements. A third person, who lost a large percentage of their hair to COVID-19, agreed that they saw “a ton of new growth” and a significant decrease in shedding after three months. “[I’ve] been a hairstylist for 25 years and nothing has really worked till I came across this,” they added. 

Even the best thickening solutions require consistency and patience, so investing your time into the right product is crucial. Shop this growth serum for $69 on Amazon to try it out for yourself.

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