This Kelly Ripa-Approved Brand Makes Sweat-Resistant Undershirts That Are Perfect for Sweater Season

They’ll become a winter staple.

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These Sweat-Resistant Sndershirts from a Kelly-Ripa Approved Brand will Prevent you from Having to take your Sweaters to the Dry Cleaner

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Taking clothing to the dry cleaner is the bane of my existence. At the moment, I have a green silk dress that’s been waiting for me at a dry cleaner since May. So if you’re anything like me, sweater season is actually a struggle. Only a professional can launder the luxurious and cozy cashmeres and wools that we all love. But there is a solution — and I can’t believe it took until 2014 for it to be created (and until just recently, for me to discover it): Numi’s sweat resistant undershirts

The concept is shockingly simple, and has already garnered a fanbase that includes Kelly Ripa. Numi makes shirts to layer under clothing made from thermo-regulating tencel with underarm patches that absorb sweat and move moisture away from the body. Basically, it should keep you cooler, drier, and less smelly. And most strikingly, at least for me, is that it avoids creating sweat stains that can ruin your favorite T-shirts or investment pieces. And of course, it’s machine washable to avoid the pain and expense of professional laundering. 

The Signature is the tried and true, versatile style, but the undershirts come in nine other styles including a tank top and a couple of cropped options. There is even a spaghetti strap slip dress and a lace-trim tee pretty enough to wear on its own. 

The Signature Undershirt


Shop now: $65;

The Signature is a seamless, scoop-neck, short-sleeve base layer that comes in eight core and two seasonal colors — and shoppers are obsessed. The shirt has an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 500 reviews. 

One shopper said they’re so enamored with these undershirts that they “bought one to wear each day of the week.” The shopper explained, “my body is terrible at regulating temperature—I could be sweating even if I am cold…They work well at keeping pit stains from appearing.”

Another reviewer said that growing up, they used to have to wear “dress shields to spare the family dry-cleaning budget,” until they discovered Numi. “[this] undergarment protects my silks and cashmeres,” and added that it makes menopause-related hot flashes manageable. 

Put one on before you dawn your cashmeres, wools, and silks to extend the life of your favorite pieces. 

The Simone Button-Up Blouse

The Simone Button-Up Blouse


Shop now: $220;

This silk top is not an undershirt but a blouse, and it’s been worn repeatedly by Kelly Ripa and InStyle editor, Eva Thomas. The fabric is stain resistant(!) and machine washable, which are the two biggest hurdles I personally face when it comes to wearing silk. It’s available in five colors (four core and one seasonal) and is supposedly immune to even the most difficult spills like wine and coffee. 

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