Hurry! Jennifer Aniston’s Tool for an At-Home Face Lift Is Half Off for Just 24 Hours

Kate Hudson uses it, too.

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Secret to a Sculpted Face Is Half Off

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Everyone’s approach to skincare and maintenance is personal and unique, with different goals and ways of achieving them. Personally, I’m not a ‘needles girl.’ And though at some point my stance on injectables might change, at the current moment, I’m all about finding an effective topical treatment. What can give me the appearance of plumper lips without filler? What can tighten my skin without Botox? And right now, the facial toning device Hollywood relies on for lifted skin and a sculpted face is majorly on sale at Ulta.

As part of Ulta’s ongoing 21 Days of Beauty — where the retailer is cutting prices by half on shopper-favorite skincare and beauty products — NuFace’s Mini+ Facial Toning Microcurrent Kit is now just $123. The skin-tightening device has been touted as an “at-home face lift” and used by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, who recently called the results “actually shocking.” And for just 24 hours, it’s 50 percent off.

Mini+ Facial Toning Microcurrent Kit- Sandy Rose


Shop now: $123 (Originally $245);

Currently on sale is NuFace’s Mini+ kit, which includes a smaller version of the brand’s popular face toning device, as well as its hydrating activator gel and brightening cream that both, per the brand, “conduct microcurrent[s] from your device to the facial muscles.” Pia Velasco, InStyle’s former senior beauty editor, dove into the science behind it, but, in the simplest of terms, it uses microcurrents to lift and tighten both instantly and over time. And according to Velasco, who made it a part of her regular skincare routine, it’s a must for anyone “trying to [get] a sharper jawline and popping cheekbones.”

Ulta shoppers love that they’re able to see “quick results” with “no downtime,” with one 40-year-old customer writing, “As a working and busy mom I love that it only takes five [minutes per] day to work its magic! I can see my wrinkles are less noticeable, my cheeks and jawline are more defined, and I look more refreshed.” Another liked the non-invasive sculpting results to “buccal fat removal and Botox,” writing that it made their face look and feel “tighter and more firm [and] more lifted.” One other credited it for fixing their facial unevenness — “my face looks more droopy on the right side” — noting that after consistent use, the droopiness disappeared and their face looked firmer.

If lifted skin and a more contoured face are things you’ve wanted but weren’t sure how to achieve, make sure to grab this NuFace kit while it’s on sale at Ulta. And you’ll want to act fast, as NuFace devices are rarely this steeply discounted.

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