The Jennifer Aniston-Approved Facial Toning Device That Blasts Away Wrinkles Is on Sale Right Now

The NuFace Mini is just $120 right now.

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Nuface Sale

Nuface/ InStyle

In the oversaturated, slightly difficult-to-navigate world of skincare devices, NuFace still stands out. There are a few factors that made this happen — I remember it as being an early, pioneering product in the category, it’s frequently credited for the pristine skin of celebrities, and shoppers can’t seem to get enough of it either. Really, the only problem is the price tag; the NuFace Mini Starter Kit is $209

Luckily, there are occasional opportunities to nab it at a discounted price — it was steeply discounted during Amazon’s last sale event. If you missed the sale (or you’re seriously regretting not pulling the trigger earlier) you have another shot, because the NuFace Mini is just $120 right now at Nordstrom Rack. 

The NuFace devices available at Nordstrom Rack are refurbished, so at full price they are $189 (versus $209) — but they’re currently an additional 36 percent off, hence the almost-unbelievable $120 price. 

NuFACE Mini Petite Facial Toning Device

Nordstrom Rack

Shop now: $120 (Originally $189);

The reasons this mighty device has amassed a fanbase that includes Jennifer Aniston and Bella Hadid are as follows: It uses electrical microcurrents to target deeper layers of skin and muscle. In doing so, per the brand, it stimulates muscles, tightens skin, increases collagen production, tones and lifts skin, and lessens wrinkles. 

One 60-year-old reviewer wrote that after using this device every day for three weeks, their “teenage daughter who is not generous with compliments” said that their “skin looks great.” “I do think if you use it regularly it gives a plumpness to a drawn face,” the shopper concluded. 

Another reviewer called this “revolutionary,” and said “I've never looked better. Facial bloat is gone, cheekbones lifted, jowls sculpted, wrinkles smoothed, improved skin thickness, texture, elasticity, and tone. The effects are both subtle and profound.”

The NuFace Mini is cheaper than it was on Amazon Prime Day, so get yourself or a cherished friend or family member one while it’s just $120.

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