I Noticed Drastically Smoother Skin in Just 2 Weeks Thanks to This Editor-Loved Face-Sculpting Tool

It's my secret weapon for blurring fine lines.

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NuFace Toning Device

I’ve used eye creams and serums for years to keep my skin soft and smooth, but I’ve often felt that I need something more to help fade my fine lines. I try my best to be gentle with the delicate skin around my eyes and experiment with products that promise to prevent age-defining forehead wrinkles, but I’m always on the hunt for something new and different.  

So when NuFace sent me its Fix Starter Kit, I immediately added it to my skincare routine with high hopes of finally getting a wrinkle-reduced appearance. The brand has been used by celebs like Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson, and its classic devices like the Mini+ and Trinity Legacy are InStyle editor-approved. Knowing its popularity, I was excited to see the results for myself.

NuFACE Fix Starter Kit


Shop now: $159; mynuface.com

I always start my facial toning routine by applying the included line smoothing serum to my eye area, between my brows, and on my forehead. The serum has a rich, gel-like texture with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin along with a triple peptide complex to blur fine lines and wrinkles. When I first began using my Fix device, I wanted to be sure that I was getting the most out of it. Luckily, NuFace has a quick tutorial on how to achieve a relaxing and thorough smoothing experience with quick, feathering motions (think: small, circular movements as if you’re erasing those pesky lines).

After a couple of uses, I noticed the skin around my eye area already looked plumped and lifted. And within just two weeks of using my Fix device daily on my trouble spots, my skin felt noticeably smoother and firmer. The secret to these fast improvements is the process of applying the serum before my face is exposed to the device’s microcurrents, which are gentle waves that move through the skin to tone, tighten, and reduce fine lines.   

My favorite thing about the toning device is that I can target specific areas of my face. So after a late night, I know that I’ve got this tool to tackle the tired, sagging skin under my eyes. Another benefit I’ve found is that I can use it around my mouth and on my lip line to work away smile lines and give my lips a fuller look. 

I’m not the only one who’s using the Fix device on repeat. One shopper said it’s their “handy little tool” as a “quick lip and eye fix” for their fine lines. Another reviewer mentioned that the skin under their eyes is “smoother and tighter.” They also noted that the serum is “so hydrating” and leaves their skin looking “so radiant” after each use. 

Blur those fine lines and smooth your skin with the shopper- and editor-approved NuFace Fix Starter Kit

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