The Ultimate Nora Ephron Fall Fashion Guide

Not only do we enjoy re-watching these feel-good films, we're still inspired by the outfits.

The Ultimate Nora Ephron Fall Fashion Guide


In case you haven’t noticed, fashion has taken seasonal trends and harnessed them into full-fledged themes.

It started back in the autumn of 2021. The season was christened “Meg Ryan Fall,” in honor of the actress’s cozy, autumnal wardrobes in rom-coms like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. This year, there have been rumblings of a “Cozy Boy Fall,” with a heavy concentration on Billy Crystal’s chunky fisherman sweater and straight-leg denim in When Harry Met Sally.

Coincidence? We think not.

See, these films and outfit aesthetics all came from the same creative genius, the late writer and filmmaker, Nora Ephron. So, while both clever monikers are endearing and catchy, it would appear that the real seasonal theme for autumn 2022 should be “Nora Ephron Fall,” affectionately — and we’re about to prove it.

Ahead, we’re calling out three of Ephron’s most famous rom-coms that emit all of the cozy autumn vibes and aesthetics you hope to achieve IRL, and breaking down some of their best fall outfits, should you be looking for inspiration somewhere outside social media. 


When Harry Met Sally 

Although When Harry Met Sally came out in July of 1989 (more than halfway through the last year of the decade), it’s known as one of the best rom-coms of the ‘80s. The story follows buddies Sally Albright (Ryan) and Harry Burns (Crystal) and explores whether or not their so-called platonic relationship can stay platonic once things get physical one night. If you dig a friends-to-lovers trope, this is the Nora Ephron flick for you. 

Though teetering on the end of an era, there are zero traces of ‘90s fashion trends in this film. The wardrobe styling stays 100% true to the ‘80s aesthetic: V-neck sweaters worn over collared button-downs, mom jeans, pearl accessories, glasses worn around the neck with a lanyard, belted high-waisted denim, tucked-in turtlenecks, and suit jackets worn with fashion bowties.

The OG “Cozy Boy Fall” inspo photo was a still image of Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out, in which the actor is wearing a fisherman’s sweater, eerily reminiscent of the one Crystal can be seen wearing in When Harry Met Sally. Crystal’s chunky knit is paired with blue jeans and white sneakers and should be trademarked for its quintessential Cozy Boy vibe.

Of course, Crystal’s isn’t the only outfit living rent-free in our minds; Ryan also serves a plethora of autumnal ensemble inspiration in the film. One of our many favorites can be seen as Harry and Sally are taking a stroll in the park. She’s wearing a pair of straight-leg, grey slacks and a floral printed top underneath a grey tweed blazer, with a velvet bowler hat, and leather gloves to match her leather shoulder bag. 

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle follows the story of newly engaged New Yorker, Annie Reed (Ryan), and Seattle-based widower and single father, Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks). It’s a will-they, won’t-they romance, in which Sam’s son, Noah (played by former actor, Ross Mallinger) calls a radio show to help his lonely father find love again. Annie, like thousands of other women, is suddenly hooked on the caller nicknamed “Sleepless in Seattle,” and falls for the man on the other side of the station.  

The 1993 film is heartwarming, with humor sprinkled throughout. But beyond the story’s exceptional plotline and quotable dialogue, it’s also well recognized for its quintessential late-‘80s/early ‘90s fashion: Ryan and her co-stars (including Rosie O'Donnell and Rita Wilson) can be seen wearing a lot of oversized cardigans and coats, structured shoulder details, layers, nightgowns with matching house robes, dress pants, loafers, and three-piece suits consisting of maxi skirts and tailored blazers. 

Hanks’ wardrobe stays consistent throughout the film. He wears a lot of crew necks and jeans, casual collared shirts, and rain jackets (his character lives in Seattle, after all). He’s giving calm, cool, and cozy for the entire hour and 45 minutes on screen, but we especially love his easy layering at the beginning of the film, when he’s on the phone with the psychiatrist, waxing poetic about his late wife. His sweatpants fit loosely but aren’t baggy, and he pairs the roomy bottoms with a ¾ sleeve, collared pullover, layered over a T-shirt. It’s the type of outfit you can lounge around or get house chores done in, but still, feel comfortable wearing to the store. 

That said, no offense to Sam, but Annie is the real layering champion of the film. 

Rarely do we see Ryan’s character in a simple top-and-bottom pairing; she sports layers at work, out of work, and even when she sleeps. An outfit we think would be easy to recreate for fall 2022 would be what we like to call her breakdown ensemble: The outfit she wears whilst spilling her heart to her brother (played by David Hyde Pierce), talking in circles to convince herself that she loves the man she’s engaged to, not the voice on the radio thousands of miles away.  

In the scene, Annie is wearing a matching emerald sweater and top set, and grey trousers. Her accessories include gold hoop earrings, partially hidden under her messy braid, a skinny wristwatch with a brown band and gold face, and a delicate necklace with pearl detailing. She completes the ensemble with a trench coat.

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is an enemies-to-lovers tale. Kathleen Kelly (Ryan), owner of The Shop Around the Corner bookstore, and her competitor, Joe Fox (Hanks), founder of the Fox & Sons Books megastore, are real-life nemeses. They’re also falling in love over the internet, blissfully unaware of the other’s true identity. 

The story is chock full of quick wit, and playful, albeit biting, banter, and while one might consider it a predominantly springtime film, it begins in the fall and serves up just the right amount of outfit inspiration for the season. The first outfit to come to mind is Kathleen’s work dress during the town’s fall festival: It’s a simple, sleeveless black dress with an A-line skirt that she layers over a long-sleeved crew neck shirt and black tights. She finishes off the look with sensible black shoes and a matching knee-length coat.  

We’re also huge fans of Kathleen’s OOO loungewear on display in the scene right before she closes the doors to her beloved bookshop. She wears a basic, oversized white waffle henley shirt with top button closures, black sweatpants, and slouchy socks that are probably too big for her feet. 

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